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prompt for Afterlife

Prompt for Afterlife

The world of a Master of Mystic Arts never made sense in the traditional sense of the world. When Stephen Strange first came to Kamar-Taj, he was too analytical and focused on technicalities. Everything had to have a rational explanation or a defined procedure for doing everything. It wasn't until the Ancient One pushed his Astral Form outside of his body did Stephen start to consider that maybe faith had a bit more to do with things than he'd originally imagined.

By studying the library at Kamar-Taj Stephen Strange found that the world wasn't quite the same in absolutes that he'd always imagined. He also began to learn more about reincarnation. One of those infamous reincarnation stories was that of Chay-Ara and the Pharaoh Khufu. There was a whole series of books in the secret libraries at Kamar-Taj. The whole notion intrigued Stephen to no end, so he read all the information he could about them. It was through Chay-Ara and Khufu's story that Stephen became utterly fascinated by the Egyptian pantheon.

It was still as a student at Kamar-Taj that he first invoked the god Heka. Heka did teach him a few things about Egyptian gods, reincarnation and human avatars. Heka being the god of magic and medicine was drawn to Strange with his great gifts and his destiny as Sorcerer Supreme that lay ahead. Thus came the first of Heka's attempts to persuade Strange to be his avatar. Of course, it was to no avail. Stephen was just too stubborn.

Time would eventually pass and Stephen returned from being Blipped by Thanos to reside once more at the New York Sanctum Sanctorum. Wong was now Sorcerer Supreme since it was assumed Stephen was dead. He was overseeing new students in training at Kamar-Taj as part of his duties as Sorcerer Supreme. Stephen was still at the New York Sanctum. He was quietly spending time in meditation when there came a knock to the door. It wasn't just an ordinary knock. Someone was banging on the door.

Stephen appeared at the front door to open it just as a man fell at his feet. Stephen cradled the man in his arms as life left him. Sticking out of his abdomen was a blood soaked dagger. After the man had fallen limp in his arms, Stephen removed the dagger. He held the bloody object in his hand. On the dagger was the cartouche of Hath-Set. This meant trouble.


Several hours later, dressed in street clothes with Cloaky as an ascot, Stephen found his way into an antiques shop. The woman who greeted him was a striking red head that looked very familiar to him. His mind immediately went to his studies at Kamar-Taj. She was the image of Chay-Ara in the ancient texts. He found himself staring a bit too long before he caught himself. She spoke to him. "Is there something the matter?"

Stephen answered as though he'd seen a ghost. "I know it doesn't make any sense, but I recently came into possession of this dagger. I have reason to believe YOU can help me with its origins." He pulled the dagger out of his jacket pocket. It was wrapped in a piece of dark cloth. He unfolded it for her to see for herself.


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