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prompt for Night Scene

Prompt for Night Scene

After the near defeat at the hands of Wanda Maximoff because of the loss of her boys, Stephen Strange was not one to let a lesson go to waste. He decided to reach out on the dimensional plane. After his experiences on Earth 838, Stephen had his mind set to be more careful with the incursions into these other Earths. The balance between the worlds was definitely something that was fragile at best.

This could theoretically get him into a lot of trouble and he knew it. It would also be dangerous should Wanda in her fragile mindset find out she had other children elsewhere. He went into his study and assumed the lotus position. He started to float upward again as he sent his astral form into these other dimensions. He happened to find someone traveling in the astral plane that stopped him in his search. Stephen was slightly taken aback by someone being there, not to mention that he looked like a blue devil complete with fangs and a tail. “Please help me.” The demon spoke to him in German tinted English.

“Of course I will help you. What’s going on?” Stephen was floating toward the other male landing on his feet after speaking. “I’m Dr. Stephen Strange. I’m from another Earth.” By the sounds of what this man was speaking to him, he was obviously from another Earth himself.

“It’s my daughter. She needs to find safe passage to another world. Mine is in the midst of utter destruction.” He bowed his head. “Forgive me Herr Doktor. I am Kurt Wagner. My daughter’s name is Talia. She’s a young teenager. ” Upon further inspection of the man, Stephen could see that the devil man had seen the better days. He was about to say something to Kurt, but a blue hand went up with two fingers instead of five stopped him. “Don’t. This is something I must do, mein freund. My world is far too gone. I must ensure that my daughter will carry on in my place.”

Stephen nodded. “Of course Herr Wagner. I will agree to your wishes. What of her mother?” He asked curiously. Surely the child’s mother would have input in such a vital manner. He wanted to help this brave man fight his battle to save his world, but that was a line he couldn’t cross.

“Her mother is Wanda Maximoff. Unfortunately she died in the fighting against the plague on our world. The Phoenix Force has been set free in the body of a former friend and brother to me. It’s turned him mad. He will kill himself and all of us as well. This is a sacrifice I must make, but I will not allow it off my daughter.” Wagner answered. The look of worry was increasing.

Stephen was about to speak more when the whole plane they were in started to crumble. It was because of this even minor incursion. Strange’s footing was soon lost and the conversation was stopped. He tumbled back to earth and into his body with a thud. Stephen crashed to the ground striking his head knocking him unconscious.


When he woke, Stephen was unsure of how long he’d been unconscious. It wasn’t just casually waking up either. Cloaky had knocked over a pitcher of water on Stephen, nearly drowning him. “NOT FUNNY!” Stephen sputtered. He had to try and find Wagner’s daughter. This was a dire emergency now especially since her mother was Wanda Maximoff.

Stephen decided to try at possibly a local school or somewhere nearby. He used a spell that would allow him to see a person’s true form. It was only logical to assume Wagner would want his daughter to blend in with the others in this new world. Maybe she’d made contact with Wanda? That made his search all the more imperative.

Each of the Earths had a different harmonic frequency that it emitted. Stephen followed the harmonics to a nearby school. What he saw had caused him to stare a little bit more. She was sitting on a picnic table reading a book. The spirit of Wagner was watching over his daughter. He smiled gently as he watched her. He made eye contact with Strange and ushered him closer.

The girl looked up from her book. He could see her true form that looked not too different from her father’s. ”Why do you have that look on your face? Is there something the matter?” The girl asked of this very odd man standing there looking at her.

“Talia?” He asked. “Your father sent me.” It was a deep revelation. It sounded creepy but he hoped beyond all hope that she didn’t turn him away.



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