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Prompt for Smol XS-Presso Bean

Prompt for Smol XS-presso Bean

Stephen Strange found himself drawn to the younger heroes as of late thanks to both Spiderman and America Chavez. These kids needed direction. None of them needed to go down the path he had as a young man. It would avoid a lot of pain should they be stopped soon enough and given enough support to succeed where he failed. While they could give him an attitude from time to time, he could only imagine what it was like for the adults in his life back in the 1980s when he was a teenager.

There were a group of young heroes in Central City all gathered around a young man who called himself The Flash. This young man who possessed the ability to move at speeds inconceivable to the mere human mind had tapped into something called, The Speed Force. The Speed Force an energy that surrounded the Earth that was mystical in origin. No one had been able to tap into it until Barry Allen had succeeded where others had failed. The mystical energy had always been there. The Ancient One had documented the Speed Force and the potential to grant anyone who could tap into it substantial power. Allen had tapped into it right as Stephen became Sorcerer Supreme upon the death of The Ancient One.

With the ability to tap into the Speed Force came the ability to Time Travel. This power in the wrong hands could prove dangerous. By the time that Stephen was able to do something about it, Thanos had interrupted everything. The Eye of Agamotto was the Time Stone. It was given to the Sorcerer Supreme to protect so no one was able to use time travel as a disadvantage. He wasn’t Sorcerer Supreme any longer, but the repeated infractions of Time Travel using The Speed Force was increasing with the nexus being Central City. Stephen stood in the Sanctum Sanctorum opening a portal to STAR Labs. It was time to find out what was happening.


Stephen stepped into an outer hall that led to the main lab. The portal closed behind him. Cloaky billowed around him, eventually floating in front of his face pulling him in a certain direction. Stephen followed the direction that Cloaky insisted he go. He was still floating when from the opposite direction came an electrical sensation and a gust of wind followed with a bright purple energy that followed. Stephen landed on the ground quickly waving his hands that were glowing with magical runes that allowed him to see through the Speed Force. He tossed up a slight gust of magical energy of his own that would cause the Speedster in the center to come to a screeching halt landing on the ground in front of him on her behind. Stephen was certain to make sure it was nothing to hurt the young lady. He wasn’t about to do anything to hurt anyone, He was the one intruding after all

Nora Allen was sitting flat on her behind with a look of utter surprise on her face. “What the hell? Who are you?” The young lady was surprised by the complete stop she’d been forced into by this unseen force. “What did you do to me?”

“I’m Dr. Stephen Strange. The Speed Force had been breached here repeatedly breaking into the flow of time more than once. I am here to find out what’s going on here and who’s in control.” He stood on the ground now and Cloaky added one last flourish before falling at his side. He held out a single hand with his two middle fingers curling down while his index finger and pinky extended. His thumb was out to the side. He cast a minor spell to track the speed force that seemed to be pouring from this girl. “You’re Allen’s daughter aren’t you?”

She stood slowly to her feet. “Yeah, I am. What makes me so special?” She asked him with an uncomfortable look on her face. “Why should I even trust you?”

“You are a product of the Speed Force Miss Allen. That is why you’re special. The Speed Force is very dangerous. You and your family could end up getting lost in it if you don’t know how to handle it.” The Sorcerer offered no attempt to hurt the girl. “Is there some place we can talk?”


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