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*TW Violence* Prompt for Handsome Devil

*TW for violence* Prompt for Handsome Devil

The screeching tires and the screams that accompanied it, immediately gained the attention of Dr. Stephen Strange. He had been deep within the inner bowels of the Sanctum Sanctorum with several of the tomes of Ancient Egypt when his studying was interrupted. Those tomes were said to be written by Heka himself. Stephen actually knew the god all too well. He’d tried constantly to convince him to become Heka’s avatar. His last bit of temptation was giving Stephen access to these tomes that would intrigue the Master of the Mystic Arts to the point of surrendering; or at least that’s what the god had wanted. The sound of someone in trouble was enough to get Strange to put the tomes down for the time being.

The traffic had come to a screeching halt. In the middle of this chaos was a young woman wearing a ballet costume. She was dancing to some unheard music that seemed to be playing in her own head. Each move was graceful and elegant not unlike those of a prima ballerina. It would have been marvelous to watch had it not been in the middle of the street. Standing back from her was a man wearing a purple silk suit. He had dark hair and a strikingly handsome smile. Stephen floated out into the middle of the street landing across from him. His hands immediately went to his side glowing with mystical runes showing that he was a magic wielder of some renown. “Who are you? What have you done to this girl?” Stephen’s muscles were tensed ready to engage in a battle if need be.

The man turned to Strange and smiled malevolently. “My Dear Dr. Strange. My name is Kilgrave. I’ve not done anything to this girl. She’s done it all on her own.” His voice was eerily smooth with an underlying diabolical tone. He watched her again before looking back at Strange. “Isn’t she absolutely astounding?”

Crowds were continuing to gather as the traffic was backing up. The ballerina in the middle was still unharmed for now. She continued on with her dancing and the endless music echoing in her brain. “Release her Kilgrave!” Strange ordered with his fists glowing brighter. “Let her go!”

Kilgrave quirked a brow upward. He stuffed his hands into his pockets. “You really are no fun, Doctor.” He was still looking at the girl and watching her dance. “I’ll release her on one condition. You have to take her place.” He turned to completely face Stephen. He extended a hand to the Sorcerer. ”Take my hand.” He ordered Stephen.

Stephen’s hands immediately dropped to his sides. The glowing runes stopped. The expression on his face started to go utterly blank. He found himself reaching out to take Kilgrave’s hand like he was told taking a few steps closer in the process. “What…?” Stephen muttered.

Kilgrave’s smug smirk was enough to make anyone want to punch his teeth out should they not be under his spell. “Angelique dear, that’s enough. Go home and blow your brains out alright?” The ballerina stopped her dancing immediately walking off into the crowd with an equally blank expression on her face. He turned back to Stephen. “Now Doctor. Why don’t you show us what’s inside of that Sanctum of yours?”

Stephen was helpless. He still held onto Kilgrave’s hand. He released it long enough to open up a portal inside to the Sanctum and Strange’s personal library that he’d been in only moments before all this happened. “This will take you right there.” Stephen spoke unsure of even what he was doing at this point.

Kilgrave walked with confidence past Strange toward the portal. “Don’t keep me waiting. I don’t like to be kept waiting.” He entered the portal first followed by Strange who closed it behind them both.


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