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05/28/2022 10:24 PM 

Handsy Customer

Patrick had slowly walked down the small runway of a stage that ended in a circle where customers lined up waving cash. A fake persona put on that he was confident and sexy. Maybe part of that was true. The men were either gay or pretended to be straight. But either way they couldn’t wait to see a man strip and shake his ass. 

Sliding around the pole he easily climbed, lean muscles helped ease him up before he hung upside down. Mouthing the lyrics to the song to appease those willing to pay. He twirled a few times as by now the song was coming to an end, landing in a split, wrapping legs around the pole once more he easily swung himself up and around the pole before elegantly standing. Bowing then curtsying with the skirt he wore for the number he grabbed the tips that were tossed his way. When a sharp whistle was heard his head snapped up and the owner and night manager waved him over. Once he made his exit backstage he made his way over. 

“Rue (his middle name and also his stage name) this gentleman paid a handsome price for you in the red room. So make him happy! Earn your nights pay!” Oof the words stung but he nodded. No longer the same personality he had on stage. He waved the man to follow he was older and he could already feel a bad vibe coming from him but he did his best to ignore it. Past the security guards and into the room he snapped the door shut. “So you will abide by the rules and not touch unless there is consent right?” He reiterated what the man had to sign on paper. He hastily agreed and took a seat. Hoarse voice as if he was an avid smoker. “Just dance already boy.” 

Patrick’s face was dark red as he nodded and as he began his normal routine lap dance he kept eyeing the panic buttons all around the room. His gut was screaming at him as his ass ground down on the man. He felt his hardened shaft beneath the fabric of his pants and that made his stomach lurch. As he turned to pull his shirt off the male swiftly took out the back of his knees. Shoe removed and filthy sock used to gag him. Making it hard for him to scream. “Scream or cause a scene and you won’t see the light of day.” The boy choked back vomit from the nasty taste in his mouth, eyes wide with instant fear as his skirt was yanked down and pulled away, he was forced to the floor. “My, my, your ass looks even better up close, nice and firm yet jiggly enough, bubble butt.” 

The man slapped him hard which caused a groan in protest. Which earned him a swift kick to the ribs. “Didn’t I tell you to do what you're told.. see now you’re gonna wish that was a more pleasing sound!” The male spit on him as he yanked his hair back and forced his lower back down to make him arch painfully so. Digits wrapped around his neck squeezing until he lost consciousness. What brought him back too was the dry entry of the males girth forcing him wide. Making him scream although muffled by the fabric in his mouth. Hands loosely tied behind his back he tried to squirm away. 

Freeing a hand he tried to go for the hidden button under the chair. Mans' large appendages once more on his windpipe, a knee to his ribs hard enough he thought he heard a crack. Winded as all air was taken from him he struggled until he was able to slap the button. Security entered as the man ejaculated on his back and back handed him cutting his lip and busting his nose good enough he was sure he’d have black eyes.

Watering from the pain of his nose and ribs along with his most sacred spot. It was nights like this he hated his job. When a customer thought he could break the rules. Spitting and pulling out the sock from his mouth and attempting to catch his breath, everyone agony. He peered down as his cut up chest the man must’ve done damage while he was out cold. His nose was now adding to the blood. He pinched it and winced instantly. 

“F*** Rue what did you do?! Well suppose you better take the next few days off. Not that I want you to, but rules call for it!” The manager said once the man was swiftly removed and escorted out of the building. Unable to hold it in despite the excruciating pain he vomited. That’s all his boss could say after he was violently assaulted and raped. 

After he was done spilling his guts he worked his way to his station and grabbed his clothing not even caring to change he called for a cab. Aside from a muffled muttered address he didn’t speak to the taxi driver. Silent the entire drive from work to the hotel he stayed in. Once home he fell to pieces crumpled on the floor he rocked himself. He could smell the blood, the nasty cum dried on his back but most of all he felt pain and worse yet he felt alone. Trying to dust himself off to get a shower he crawled into the bathroom to stand up and gaze in the mirror. 

“Maybe if I wasn’t shy and introverted more manly I could have fought him off.. f***ing handsy customers..” he dabbed at his swollen still bleeding split lip. Turning on the shower he peeled off the clothing. Letting the painted on ink, dried spunk and blood wash down the drain..


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