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05/28/2022 10:24 PM 

Observe prompts for Morningstar, King and "boy wonder"

Prompt: Observe
Featuring: “boy wonder”
Finding where the vigilante Nightwing lived had been easy. Trailing him had been the hard part of it all. Breaking into his home was easier. He could have given himself more of a challenge while the male was home but while he enjoyed catching the younger male off guard he would rather not have electricity in his face. At least not before he had a chance to defend himself. Knowing the other male since he had been following the vigilante for the past week or so he knew that he’d be returning home from his rounds of prowling the streets soon. He kept to the spots that would be easier to hide, not because he feared the other but because he wanted to gauge him. After all it was easier to talk to someone that wasn’t running on adrenaline from a fight. The first sounds of someone entering the home was loud in Julian’s ears. The way the other male carried himself, a slight limp in his steps and a hand against his side told a story without words. He was walking and there was no blood so it wasn't life-threatening or anything to worry about. Not that Julian would worry: they had a very fragile truce between the two of them as long as Julian behaved himself and only went after the things that went bump in the night and left the humans to him. That had been easy: humans were too easy to kill unless they were hunters or slayers and none seemed to venture here which was surprising in itself.

He could make himself known since it seemed the younger male wasn’t aware of another being in the home. That caught Julian off guard. Nightwing was always vigilant: always seemed to have an eye on his surroundings. Came with being the “son” of Batman he supposed. Maybe it was because this was home and he thought it was safe? Well it was. Julian wouldn’t speak of this to anyone. He liked the vigilante at least a little bit. The male had grown on him. His eyes took in the figure as he went through the motions of taking off his costume: only averting his eyes politely when more skin then he was allowed to see had been shown. It seemed that his mask was the last thing to be taken off. Costume gone, regular clothes back on, Nightwing sitting on the couch ready to start the process that came with taking off the mask, Julian finally made his presence known. “You know….tying a mask is easier than getting rid of a disgusting amount of glue against your bare skin. Hurt less too I am sure. Less red patchy skin too." He watched in amusement as the other male jumped to his feet, spinning towards the voice. Julian smirked, leaning back against the wall, arms folded across his chest as he just relaxed back. Not bothered by the sudden tension that seemed to permeate the air.

“Down boy. Just here for a friendly conversation.” Julian chuckled, shoving off the wall. “But it still stands: tying masks are easier…although I never understood why people are so fooled by something as small as a mask. Like seriously: you look the same outside of your little costume as you do in it. Only difference is a mask. You humans are so blind.” The half-glare from the other male was normal so he waved it away, “You got yourself a problem. Thought I would be nice enough to mention it before you came across a scene that you misinterpret and attack me again.” “You ran….What else was I supposed to think!?” Julian shook his head, “Yes well as fun as it is to watch you peel a mask off your face I do have a job to complete.” As he moved to leave through the front door this time instead of the window he broke into, the other male’s hand grabbed his elbow. “Julian.” "Do not worry. Even a demon such as myself needs a safe place. Your home is safe with me.” He patted the other’s hand to let go and was slipping out his door a second later with a mock salute of two fingers.
Prompt: Observe
Featuring: Morningstar
Julian liked surrounding himself with people. He hated people in general (only liking a few that managed to wiggle their ways into his life) but he liked the noise. It didn’t give him time to slip into his own thoughts. To wonder what would next attack him. When his last breath possibly would be. But despite liking the noise around, sometimes he wanted just quiet. Which was why he found himself slipping up to Lucifer’s penthouse, leaving the loud music and even louder people behind. Stepping into the relative silence Julian was able to relax. Soft music came from somewhere. He frowned, eyes moving across the room he was in before noticing which direction the music came from. Instead of a radio where he thought the piano sounds was coming from he noticed Lucifer: back straight but relaxed enough to not be considered tense, fingers relaxed as they gracefully glided over the black and white keys, a look of pure concentration in his eyes as they roamed over the music sheet before him. He was sure Lucifer did not need the sheet of music. Probably knowing it like the back of his hands but it seemed the motions were soothing to Lucifer. Julian wasn’t use to this side of Lucifer. He was use to the sarcasm. The ‘What do you desire?’ almost cocky side that already knew but just wanted others to say it out loud.

The side that made his enemies tremble at the mere mention of his name. The side that screamed sadness that he was trying to hide. But never the quiet, content side. Where it seemed like nothing was weighing on his shoulders. That he was just a normal being. Not the Devil. Just Lucifer. Normally Julian would interrupt. Put himself right beside the other male but he stayed back: hovering without giving away his presence. Lucifer was distracted which helped but honestly Julian knew that the other male was aware of his extra guest. Had to be. Not many people could get the jump on Lucifer if at all. Moving quietly as to not disturb Lucifer’s concentration, Julian made himself a glass of bourbon. Pouring a second one for Lucifer. It was nice….seeing Lucifer relaxed. He needed it with everything that was going on. Once Lucifer’s fingers came to a stop, the last note fading away Julian moved closer: holding out a glass for Lucifer as he sipped from his own. A small nod as thanks and scooting over was all Julian needed to take a seat on the bench beside him. The drink drained and clinking lightly onto the top of the piano, shaking fingers for a split second as if to relax them and then music filled the room again. Julian could get use to this if he wasn’t careful.
Prompt: Observe
Featuring: King // Mentions: Dark (cause you can’t have a prompt featuring King and not mention Ash xD)

Glitter. Julian absolutely hated it. It got everywhere. Was terrible to get rid of. The art worlds herpes for sure. When you thought it was gone then BAM it shows up again. Why King always seemed to incorporate it in his looks for work he would never understand it. Sure it popped out his eyes when done right. And he kind of looked cute in it which Julian would never admit out loud. Couldn’t afford to give King a big head about his looks after all. He already had Ash literally falling over him although the older male would definitely deny it. Like seriously: Lust himself. So yeah no need to inflate his head anymore. Julian’s eyes narrowed, slightly shaking his head before his thoughts went further in. Watching King do what he needed to do before he walked out on stage was kind of therapeutic in a sense. Julian was used to being on the move. Always watching his back. To be able to sit and just observe the ball of sunshine who wormed his way into Julian long dead heart was sometimes what Julian needed. “So!” King spun around, finishing touches down on his eyelids.

Glitter sparkled at him and while Julian gave a look of disdain towards it he quickly smoothed his face out in case King thought he didn’t like how he looked. “How do I look, Jules?” “Like a unicorn threw up on you.” King huffed slightly, hands on his hips and a pout on his lips. “Really Jules. How do I look?” Julian chuckled, “As if you are going to snatch those people’s wallets with a simple wink. You look fine. Hot as always.” Okay maybe a little ego boost helped every once in a while if King always gave that brilliant smile afterwards. King turned back around, trying and failing to clean up what fell before Julian was moving forward. Seeing the other get closer in the mirror, King tilted his head in confusion before Julian was turning him around. A question on the tip of his tongue that was never allowed to become words when Julian ran fingers through King’s hair: messing it up enough to give him that look as if he just rolled out of bed without making it look tangled. “Julian?” “If I know the people out there….They’ll like it. Ash definitely will.” With that he moved away and slipped out of the back: searching for the familiar presence that had suddenly appeared.


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