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05/28/2022 07:17 PM 

Somewhat Senior Prank.

Jasmine had always wondered what it would be like to go to a real school, but with being so famous and doing so many movies and television shows she never had time. She was now on set for Don’t Look Back, a movie she was working on but for some reason, after finishing her work it didn’t look like the set she had just left an hour ago. There was caution tape all around her trailer and all the other ones as well. She knew people pulled pranks on movies but this was a bit extreme. This seemed more real than something of a prank and Jasmine was beginning to get really freaked out. There was a sign up in front of her telling her to beware of a serial killer that was on the loose. Jasmine dropped her script on the ground and turned to leave when she ran into someone behind her.


Jasmine turned around very slowly to see a very tall man she didn’t recognize holding a knife. She instantly couldn’t breathe or move. With all of her strength, she turned the other way and took off running in that direction. She couldn’t help the constant screams that came out of her mouth as she called out for help. “Help!!! Someone, please help me!!! There’s a killer on the loose!!” Jasmine called out as she ran onto the gym set they had set up for the movie. She was sure someone had to be here and she needed help. She wasn’t about to go out this way.


Jasmine ran straight into another room to hide behind a prop desk they had built for them when she heard the door open. She peeked up slightly to see the killer walking into the room and started to look around for her. Jasmine tried to stay as quiet as possible but she was sure he could hear her breathing. It was at that moment that she caught him staring at her out of the corner of her eye. Jasmine once again froze in horror but managed to get her body to move fast enough to get to the door and open it. She ran out of the room and down the hall then completely out of the building they used for their gym set. All she wanted to do was find her mother and get the hell off the set.


Jasmine continued to run until she ran into someone else who also wore a mask and held a knife. This meant that there was not just one serial killer on the loose but two. Jasmine was instantly pushed onto the ground by this killer as they sat on top of her so she couldn’t move. That was when she noticed another person in a mask walk up and bend down in front of her and another person as well. That was when she was beginning to catch on as to what was going on and realized that these weren’t really serial killers at all. These were her friends and cast members, maybe some crew members as well all playing a prank on her. They had terrified her into thinking she was going to die but really they were just messing around.


“Okay, okay, okay. I know it’s you guys. You can stop now and get off me.” Seventeen-year-old Jasmine told her friends as they stopped and her friend Mark got off of her and helped her up off the ground while they laughed. “We got you so good! Happy Senior Prank, Jassy!” Mark called out as he took his mask off and so did everyone else. “Yeah, yeah, yeah. You did it. You got me good. Although, if I did this with my Senior class, I would feel we would be in a world of hurt for pranking people by pretending to be murderers. This was an awesome prank though.” Jasmine said with a smile as she high-fived them and gave them each a hug.


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