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05/27/2022 06:28 PM 

AC #28

Lil tried to lay low, she tried to keep her head down and stay out of trouble, but old habits die hard. Maybe it was the bar fight and the trip to jail that allowed him to find her.  She had believed she was safely tucked away in the back office of the garage, she thought she was safe each time she left her door unlocked for her friends to open whenever they wanted, but she was wrong. The truth sunk in as she made her way to her apartment door, noticing it open and her beloved gremlin sitting at the entrance. “What are you doing out here?” She cooed, picking up the cat and slowly pushing the door open.

Venturing further into her home, her eyes scanned every corner until they landed on a familiar figure, her grip faltering on the animal in her arms and letting him go. “No.” She whispered, putting the cat down and taking a few steps back. Emerging from his corner, drink in hand, he approached the now terrified female. “You know, you were difficult to find, Lily. But I knew you’d slip up.” He said, his voice calm as the remaining drink was tipped past his lips. “Roman, so good to see you. Wh- What are you doing here?” Her voice shook as she tried to speak, as she backed up to the front door. She needed an escape from him, again. “You remember what I told you? I hope you do.” The glass was thrown to the ground, and he made a beeline for Lily.

Scrambling backward, she turned and tried to run, hands reaching for the door until she felt a hand tangle in her hair and a violent tug backward, slamming her down on the floor. She tried to push away, she tried to once again move for the door but once his from came down on top of hers, she was stuck. His hand moved around her throat, squeezing her airway closed. Hand moved around his wrist, fingers digging into his hand as she tried to claw his hand from her throat. “You shouldn’t have done it, Lily. You shouldn’t have left like you did. You knew the cost. You knew I could come and find you.” He spat.

Roman forced her up, pulling her onto her knees, his hand moving from her throat and clamping down on her neck. “Roman, you don’t have to do this. We can just go; we can go back and make things right.” Her voice trembled as she spoke, but she knew there was no hope in him listening to her, not after what she did. “You don’t get to speak.” As he spoke, he produced the gun hidden in his waistband and pressed it to her temple. “Now, you have two options, Lily.” He whispered, crouching down so she could hear him. “You can take your medicine like a big girl, or I can pull that little blonde girl you spend so much time with. I’ll put her in the same position that you’re in right now and you can watch her die before you.”

“Leave her out of this, leave them all out of this.” As she spoke, he forced her hand to take his place on the gun, forcing her finger on the trigger. Roman breathed deep, his hand moving on top of hers, slowly pushing her finger down on the trigger. “When you go to meet your maker, you tell him what you did. I’m sure he’ll be waiting for you with open arms.” He spat. “Roman ple-“ Her sentence was cut short as her finger was forced on the trigger, her body slumping to the ground and the weapon clattering just in front of her. Roman stood over her lifeless body, staring at the girl who destroyed his life. “Burn in hell.”


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