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05/22/2022 07:33 PM 

breaking trust. the finale

trigger warning: graphic violence, sexual
abuse/sexual abuse mention, murder and

Her eyes snapped open, but immediately she was she was thrusted into a game – using only the small clues she had, she had to attempt to piece together the last few hours. Her nausea is her first clue; it plagued her so powerfully that it compelled her to sit up, and begin making steps to the bathroom. Her second clue revealed itself when she did sit up, and she was wearing nothing now but a tank top and underwear that was wrapped around her knees. That was the first thing she fixed – next was rolling her shirt back down. She would have just sat there or even given up in favor of going back to sleep, but in an instant she went from vicious but manageable nausea, to practically choking when her body had finally had enough and needed to release.

She began stumbling her way through the dark bedroom, arms stretched out to use every wall she possibly could for help. She latched onto the doorknob and flung the door open, then went running toward the bathroom until finally she collapsed to her knees in front of the toilet. Over and over again, she heaved and purged but she never let go of the toilet bowl because it was the only thing keeping her balance. She had to force herself to breathe again, and when she began fighting for air that was when she finally stopped throwing up but she could only keep it back for so long.

“Oh you’re awake,”

She looked up to see Danny Connell standing in the doorway. He had an unexplained smile on his face, and no concern in his tone. “What did you do to me?” She couldn’t help but ask, in between labored breathing. But she was never allowed to hear the answer, because her body submitted once again to the nausea and she began heaving over the toilet bowl. He waited for another lull, and then he yanked her off the ground and bent her over the counter. Then he pressed against her, and that was when it all began to dawn on her. She remembered feeling him that way – the pain she felt when he closed the space between their bodies reminded her of what she had endured. He was going to do it again,s he was sure, so she began to struggle as much as she could.

She felt his hand on the back of her head, gripping her hair tight and using that hold to keep her in place. She did all she could think to do, and began to scream as loud as she could. Her voice as it drew from her burning throat filled the entire room but only for a moment before he used his hold on her to ram her face into the counter top so hard her nose began gushing blood. He did it a second time, this time making sure it was the side of her head that cracked against the counter, and then he held her there. He leaned down to speak in her ear, “See what happened here tonight,” he began. “No one can ever know…you understand?”

She began to nod, hoping she could play along enough to at least make it through the night. His fingertips went from harshly tugging at her tresses, to brushing them gently off of her face. Was he going to do it again? She couldn’t let him do it again, but she had no advantage so all she could do was plead. “I won’t say a word, just—please—please, I—” She choked out a few words that did her no good. He did pull away from her for a moment, but only so he could have enough room to grab her and throw practically drag her backwards and send her towards the ground. He got on top of her, and quickly wrapped his hands around her throat. Right away she began trying to squirm and thrash, as he tightened his grip enough to immediately cut off her air. Rather than try and pry him off, she instead jammed her fingernail into his left eye.  HE began to scream and he became distracted enough for her to grab the closest thing next to her – a shoe – and strike him over the head with it a few times until he fell off of her.

Everything she did now, she did without thought. Her body sprang up from the floor, and she ran out of the bathroom and stumbled down his hallway. She ran towards the front door in a mad dash, but she hadn’t stunned him enough to keep him away from her forever. The way he grabbed onto her waist with such fury let her know he was beyond doing what he thought was necessary and now acting on pure rage. He threw her on the ground in his living room, and she quickly rolled onto her stomach to try and crawl away, but he was too swift in the kick he delivered to her side.

“You’re gonna get it now, bitch! You’re gonna get it now!”

Several blows to the stomach struck her so hard she began to gag and heave, but he just kept doing it until she crumbled to the ground. He then latched onto her shirt and he yanked her up like a rag doll. He dragged her to the kitchen while she kicked and screamed. He brought her to the sink, and once again he was holding onto her hair. He turned on the faucet and yanked the hose out and aimed it at her. He began pelting her face with water, intentionally going for her mouth each time she would try to scream. When water began slipping down her throat so fast she could hardly breathe, her body took over once more, and she began elbowing him in the side as hard as she could until he let go. She then began to run, but she noticed on the other side of the kitchen was a knife block.

She stopped at the counter across from him, and she grabbed the largest knife from the knife block. She lunged forward when he came at her, and forced the knife through his stomach. That was when he stopped – that was when he finally shut up and he just looked at her with all the fear and shock in his eyes that he had earned. She hoped it hurt like hell too. She WANTED it to hurt like hell, so she slowly started to rotate her hand, twisting the knife and making him gasp. “You’re gonna get it now, bitch,” she said before pulling the knife out and then using it to jab his neck over and over. His body fell like a sack of potatoes into the river of blood he had created.

And finally, she was safe...but what had she done? There was a dead body in front of her. A literal dead body. There was a knife saturated with blood in her hand. The air she had fought so hard to keep was being choked out of her once more, and the ‘what ifs’ that plagued her mind began to close in on her. What If someone finds out? What if she goes to jail? What will she do? Does she even deserve to go to jail after what he did?

No…not after his mistake.

She dashed to the back bedroom, and she put her shorts on. She grabbed her coat out of the pile of her things in his back bedroom, and she encased her body in it, before she got down onto the floor and shoved the murder weapon into her backpack. She didn’t know where she was going to ditch it, but she knew it couldn’t stay here.  She sprung up from the ground, and she sprinted out to the living room but then…she stopped. Danny Connell’s lifeless body in it’s crimson pool was visible from the living room. It entranced her for one final moment.

In that stillness, she could feel her own pain. The gravity of it all began to way on every part of her body he had harmed. Danny Connell was a son of a bitch, who got what he deserved. He would never be able to tear anyone else apart the way he did her, and for that, she was thankful. She made her escape out the front door, and when she closed it behind her, she left any shred of guilt behind.


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