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Bowie had found herself stuck in the elevator at the police station, with none other than Mia Santero. The police officer that was continuously blackmailing her and getting money out of her. She was the last person she wanted to be stuck in an elevator with. She hated her, and would rather stick pins in her eyes than be stuck here. Bowie had only come to the station to drop off some brownies for the Sheriff. Now she was regretting that decision. If she had not had bothered she would not be in this position, curse her genorisity. Bowie sighed as Mia screamed through the speaker system telling whoever was on the other end to come and get them out now. The line went quiet and after a few moments a voice came through saying “we are doing our best, but this could take a while. I am so sorry” then the line went dead. Bowie did not have any cell service neither did Mia… just their luck.

Bowie slid down the wall before sitting down on the floor. She was not great in tight spaces. In fact she hated it. She was trying to remain in control and not have a panic attack, but she could feel her panic rising. Before she knew it she was in a full blown panic attack. Mia sat down beside her. “Look at me” she demanded. “Hey I said look at me” she further ordered. Bowie tentatively turned her head to look at her. “Tell me some of the things you love about Hartsville” she instructed. Bowie looked at her confused. “Just tell me” she stated. “Ugh… my… friends and family are here” she stuttered. “What else?” Mia asked. “Beautiful scenery, there is so much to do” she stuttered, as she continued to try and catch her breath. “Great restaurants” she continued. “It is home” she said. The more Bowie focused on what she wanted to say the less she was focusing on her panic attack.

“I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else” she continued. “The lake is where summer memories are made” she carried on listing things. After listing a few more things she was no longer going through a panic attack. She had calmed down. It had been a good trick from Mia to help distract her and calm her down. “You’re not an awful company when you’re not trying to be obnoxious and ruin my day.” Bowie said to Mia. Mia laughed at her “I just did it so you wouldn’t waste all the oxygen” she replied with a wink, letting Bowie know she was kidding. Bowie chuckled and nodded “I expected nothing less” she replied with a smirk. Just then the doors where pried open and the two were able to get out of the elevator. The two then went about their day as if nothing had happened.


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