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05/15/2022 11:09 PM 

Valentine's Day (In All verses)

Valentine’s Day (In All verses)

Young Justice 

Palo Alto, California
7:20 P.M. 

Artemis was in her own world as she remembers Valentine’s Day days she use to have with Wally. For the past five years that he would forget (back then), she would forgive him after the former speedster would beg on his knees for forgetting to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Of course, growing up in a household with no compassion; no holiday didn’t matter unless it was a birthday or Christmas that came with training or having a decent day off. A faint smile rises to her lips remembering the good times and hoping that Wallace was watching her from heaven.

“Artemis. Artemis? Artemis, are you there? Earth to Artemis?” A concerned male voice asked as he held her hand patting it.

The blonde woman shakes her head getting back to reality and viewing her surroundings. She is on her date with her boyfriend, Jason Bard. Having dinner at some Italian restaurant.

“Is the food not good? Or the wine?” He asked.

“Um… no, no. Sorry, my mind went somewhere else,” Artemis stated a fact as she smiles at him and held his hand. 

“Where did you go in that mind of yours?” Jason asked as he lets go of her hand then his right hand traveled to his pint of beer.

“I was just in deep thought; that’s all Jason. Crap! I mean, Matt.” The Vietnamese woman apologizes for using calling her boyfriend by his first name instead of his preferred name, his middle name.

“It’s completely okay, Artemis. Just wanted to make sure that you’re still here with me.” Matt assured wanting to know that his girlfriend is okay. The former Army vet held his glass towards her, “To us, our second Valentine’s Day.” He replied with a smile.

The blonde hero smiled as she reaches to the left grabbed her wine glass that had white wine and puts her glass to his. “Happy Valentine’s Day.” She repeated his words.

The couple smiled lovingly at each other as they both took a few sips of their glasses.


Blue Valley High
10:00 am. 

Artemis comes out of her second-period English Literature class and goes up to her locker to exchange a couple of textbooks and binders. The brunette teen stops in her tracks to see a single red rose by her locker in the small hole with a small red heart next to it. “What the….” She was completely stunned as she walked toward it. The teen grabs both the red rose with a matching red bow and the small red heart card. Artemis uses her fingertips to open it seeing the writing on it.

You’re beautiful to which you have no idea.
You run through my mind every day.
The fire you have is what captured my heart.
You are a Spitfire.

Don’t ever change.


-    Your Crush

Truth be told, Artemis has never had anyone like her because of her tomboy ways, hanging out with the boys from the Football and Hockey teams. Sure both her parents tell her that they love her and vice versa. She smiled softly having a small flutter of butterflies in her stomach.

‘Who likes me?’ The brunette Vietnamese teen mentally asked herself and opened her locker from the lock. She opens it putting them on the top shelf while getting the rest of her stuff for the next three classes. Artemis locks her locker again and walks away.

Teenagers were either talking, laughing, and smiling telling each other Happy Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day. 

A redhead teenager saw from a distance seeing his crush smile and read the card. He couldn’t believe that his childhood crush and the girl that scared him a little was admiring the small gift. His emerald eyes see her leaving her locker and decides to leave more roses and notes throughout the day with no one seeing him doing it due to his Speed being a Metahuman.


San Francisco, California  
16:45 P.M.

The Team just got done taking out The Hive and they were exhausted, or some were exhausted. They all returned to their home in Titans Tower.

Artemis placed her hand on her neck as she makes her way to her room. The blonde young woman walks up to her door opens and uses her right finger to turn on the light. Her jaw drops being in shock to see both the reddest red roses and green roses in different parts of her bedroom. She couldn’t believe what her eyes were seeing.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, beautiful.” Wally walks up behind her and spins her around to kiss her. The door closes behind him. 

The blonde wraps her arms around him allowing him to pick her up as he moves them to her desk. Spitfire was enjoying the moment together. 

“Wallace, I can’t believe you did all of this….” Artemis was speechless with her hands in his crimson locks.

He pulls away to catch his breath and looks deeply into the gray eyes he loves, “You know I would do anything for you, Babe. Plus you would have killed me if I got you pink roses since you hate them; searched everywhere for the green roses. They’re one of a kind, just like you.” Wally replied telling a fact with his hands placed on both sides of her abdomen.

“You’re right on the pink roses. The red and green roses are everything. I love them, thank you so very much, Babe. Happy Valentine’s Day.” The blonde young woman said being sincere. “I’ve never had anyone go above and beyond like this…. Thank you.” She stated a fact with small tears starting to rim around her eyes but blinks as she starts to hug and kiss him again.

Justice League

“Didn’t think I would forget today, did you Gorgeous?” Hank said as he held a bouquet of pink and white roses behind his back. The dirty blonde male pulls out the bouquet to show his crime-fighting partner and girlfriend.

“Hank….” Dawn was speechless and awed seeing the bouquet that was presented to her. “These are so beautiful, Hank. Thank you.” The platinum blonde woman replied with a smile being completely over the moon and stands on her tiptoes to kiss her boyfriend.

Artemis takes off her mask seeing Hank and Dawn having their moment together. ‘Why is today so damn special?’ She thought to herself. Her gray eyes see most of the League being love dovy and had to put two and two together. Today was Valentine’s Day and couldn’t believe Wally forgot about it. “Unbelievable.” She said under her breath and starts storming off the transportation station so she can go back to Star City, California. 

“Hey Babe, Artemis. Artemis?” Wally takes off his mask seeing his girlfriend taking off quickly. “Artemis, talk to me!” He pleaded with her and put a handover 

“Go to hell Flash Mouth!” The platinum blonde grabbed her belongings and ran towards the transport area from the Watchtower going back to Star City.

“What did I miss?” The red-headed man asked being completely caught off guard and looking around and seeing other League members showing affection to their partner. His eyes widen with shock and put his hand on his head, “Valentine’s Day… f uck! I completely forgot!” Wally felt like a complete idiot for forgetting to get his girlfriend something and runs to the transportation station to follow her. 

The Flash 

Gotham City, New York
February 13th
5:30 P.M.

“I can’t believe Wally wanted me to wear a dress… god this feels too Gotti! Too damn much.” Artemis walks out of her bedroom to the living room.

Paula Nguyen-Crook is reading a book in the living room then looks up a quick to see her youngest daughter being dressed, she was stunned for words. “Artemis… you look so beautiful in the dress and the heels are perfect!” The ebony-haired Vietnamese woman said with a smile dropping her book and rolling over to her daughter.

The blonde Vietnamese woman is wearing a strap emerald, a green dress that hugged her fitting curves, and matching strap high heels. Artemis’s hair was in a relaxed high ponytail with wearing very little make-up. “Ugh, I feel this is way too much. Even for me.” She looked down at her dress than at her mother.

“No, this is perfect and you look beautiful Artemis. Wallace is going to love you in this dress.” Paula complimented her daughter.

The doorbell rings with Artemis freaking out a little bit. 

“I’ll get it,” The older Vietnamese woman assured her daughter and used her wheelchair to roll going to the front door. She unlocks the door opening it halfway looking up to see Wally dressed up in a tuxedo with a bouquet of Orchids in his hands. Paula smiles brightly and opens the door moving away, “Hi Wallace, you look handsome. Please, please come in! Artemis is ready just in the living room.” She greeted him and then rolled herself to the living room.

“Thank you, Mrs. Crock and it’s good to see you too.” The brunette man replied with a smile on his face and stepped inside his girlfriend’s place locking the door behind him. He was dressed in a suit with a match emerald tie. Wally walks towards the living room and sees Paula then looking up to his girlfriend. He felt winded. Artemis looked beautiful, incredible… he was the luckiest Speedster on earth.

“Cat got your tongue, Kid Dork?” Artemis asked as she walks over to him.

The African-American man shakes his head getting back into reality and couldn’t get on how beautiful his girlfriend is, “Artemis… you look so…. Beautiful.” He complimented her with the biggest smile on his face and handed her the bouquet. 

The blonde Vietnamese young woman's cheeks were turning red and coughed a little to catch her breath. “Think so?” She asked her boyfriend. “Thank you, Wall-man, for these.” Artemis thanked him by leaning on him and giving him a small kiss on the lips.

“I’ll go put these in a vase and go, go! You two enjoy your Valentine’s Day date! Be safe the two of you.” Paula insisted as she gently takes the Orchids in her hands and went over to the kitchen.

“Right. Right!” The brunette man stated clapped his hands together. “I have something planned for us and we’re dressed to the occasion. Come on Beautiful.” Wally took his girlfriend’s hand leading her to the front door.

The blonde Vietnamese woman follows him and yelled out ‘Bye Mom!’ while going towards the door. Artemis unlocks the front door and opens it with them going to the apartment hallway. She locks it behind her. “Mind telling me where we’re going? By the way… you look very hot in your tux.” She flirted with him stepping closer to him.

Wally started to run red seeing Artemis being close to him and god he was turned on. “We can wait for that… later on in the evening.” He cleared his throat and scooped his girlfriend in his arms. “Hang on tight!” Kid Flash starts to run out of the Apartment building to somewhere else.

Paris, France
Valentine’s Day 
8:00 P.M.

Wally stops in his tracks and puts Artemis back on her feet. “A dinner and a night in Paris, Babe.” The Speedster said with a smile.

The blonde archer's jaw dropped being completely stunned seeing the incredible view, “Wallace…” she stated being speechless.

“I know the perfect place to spend our night, come on.” The brunette man starts leading the way with his girlfriend following him.

End Scene


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