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June 25th, 2022

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Gender: Male
Status: Swinger
Age: 117
Country: United States

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May 15, 2022


05/15/2022 05:02 PM 

Read me.....

It was another ordinary day just like any other.. Well, it was an ordinary day like any other if you were the Devil. Yes, that is Devil with a capital D... Sort of like the royal we.. Anyways there he was sitting in a richly furnished family room playing a game on his Xbox Series X minding his own business, and laughing as he was winning at his 10th game of free for all on Halo Infinite. It was right as the game was ending that he had begun to scratch at the back of his neck. Looking into the infinite he gave a predatory grin to the reader and placed his controller on the table right in front of him. "So you have finally come to me! After stalking, and poking at me you finally decided to either add me or you decided to read this blog out of very morbid curiosity. Alright since we are here I might as well amuse you, and dance like a monkey!!!! If you read my intro then let me go ahead and give you the cliff notes of all of that! Perhaps it will translate better for some. No! I was not born Lucifer. Yes, I killed another one to gain my title, power, and kingdom. Yes, I have killed other Lucifers to gain their kingdoms and such.  Therefore my kingdom is a bit more spacious! What does that mean for you, my powerset, etc!?. Glad you asked because it means I have more than one face! So ladies if you like a particular face requests are always welcome!!!!!!! And yes I am open to having a female face as well for short periods of time. This also means I can break the 4th wall! But I will be respectful about this power.. But! Since I am from a multiverse I would like to say HELLO OTHER LUCIFERS!!!!!!!!!! Come see me sometime!! Beer, whiskey, tea we must trade notes over the proverbial dinner table!" 

Thinking about what else he would like to say Lucifer grabbed a very expensive-looking bottle of bourbon and began to pour. "You know right now I have zero clue as to what else I want to say or what the point of this blog is!!!!!!! I suppose I just wanted attention, and to iron out the kinks! After all, this is like a well-fitted suit ya haven't worn in a while. Sometimes you gotta bring it to the tailor and have them sew any of the imperfections up, and that is what all of you are for!!!!! You are my tailors. So come sew me up, and let's see what we can cook up!!"


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