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05/14/2022 10:04 PM 


!!!!No Ero, Celeb/Hollywood, Wrestling, One-Liner, Semi, or One Paragraph!!!!

1) Grammar, punctuation, spelling and literacy are a priority.  While spelling errors happen to even myself, try the best you can.  Everything else, mistakes may be made, as no one is perfect, but again, try the best possible.  Shorthand and text is not welcome and will not be tolerated, unless in Out-of-Character chat.  If I cannot understand what you are trying to say, I will not respond.

2) Length of replies may vary.  Try to make them as long and detailed as possible and with as much effort as you can.  I will do the same, as I find roleplay to be boring if there is no depth to the storyline or plot.
3) Mature and erotic roleplay is welcome, though there are limitations and discussion is required first.  Lust and sex are natural and occur in all life.  Roleplay, however, cannot be entirely made up of adult situations.  Try to put in some variety.
4) No God-Modding.  This character is not mine by creation, but I have chosen to portray them for a reason.  You have your characters to portray, and this one is mine.  DO NOT CROSS THAT LINE!!
5) Fights and drama can be entertaining and add some spice to the plot.  However, a massive amount will not be allowed or tolerated. Balance is the key to a successful and enjoyable roleplay.
6) Crossovers and the like are acceptable, but only if the verses are compatible and have an actual chance of occurring.
7) Other rules may appear, but those can be discussed during the same discussion of roleplay and storyline.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for complying.


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