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Rules and Equipment and Powers

I am not any of the people in the pictures on my page and if you think I really am... you need help.
1. This is a multi page. If you have a problem with that there's the door. I depict the Ranger Sentries, not singular. Here I make use of Zack Taylor (Coinless), and three OCsNickoli Cranston, Joshua Solace, and Johnny Smith. These are my characters so do not take control of them at any point as I am the one roleplaying them and you are the one roleplaying your chosen character.

2. Respect is definitely a must. If you have no respect or drama I block you whether or not you try to involve me in drama. Sorry but I'm not sorry. I'm here as a hobby not for your own personal bs.

3. My characters do cuss. This isn't some PG-13 writer. I try to make my characters as life like as possible and just because this is a Power Rangers page doesn't mean one of them won't call you a little sh*t.

4. If you're a smutt profile get lost. I like to write stories not porn.

5. I'm flexible with length. I can one line up to novella. but that's all up to you what we do. Just know if you haven't replied to an agreed upon roleplay in a month. I drop your roleplay and probably drop you from the profile. We all have preferences and I've waited a year for even friends before and I'll never be doing that again. 

6. That being said I roleplay with anyone. The Power Ranger aspect doesn't even have to enter into the story since the rangers do have lives beyond being super heroes. Superman has to be Clark Kent at some point to make that money right?
Sign this with a character quote you hate the most from any chosen franchise.

7. Be kind to one another and god bless.

Morphin Grid enhanced combat suits: Ranger Sentries directly tap into the Morphin Grid by harnessing a fraction of transformation power sources stolen from Power Rangers. In the case of the original four classes of Sentries, the source was the Power Coins taken from the slain or defeated Power Rangers of Lord Drakkon's world by Drakkon himself. 

*Each of the Power Rangers experience an initial boost to their physical abilities once they are exposed to the Energy of the Morphing Grid; this results in a 20x to 30x amplification to their baseline Strength, Speed and Durability. Their senses and agility also undergo a less potent enhancement. Once their morphing devices are used to activate their armor, their abilities are increased by another 5x, and they are “downloaded” with the knowledge of how to use their weapons and Zord vehicles. Each Ranger has significant proficiency in hand to hand combat, melee weapon combat (usually specialized to two or three types of weapons), hand-held firearms, and other specialized weapons that they can utilize while not piloting their Zords. Their Zords are highly futuristic vehicles that have a variety of onboard systems arrays, which provide number of different capacities: Energy and “Armored” attacks, specialized sensor equipment, and the ability to combine into a gestalt mechanical Anthropomorphic Robot.

  • Unnamed gun weapon: Mastodon Sentries are armed with a military-style rifle weapon with a muzzle that resembles the one from the original Power Axe of the Black Ranger. The gun can fire powerful red laser beams to injure or kill their intended target.
  • Walkie Talkies: A Mastodon Sentry can use a walkie talkie to alert their fellow Sentries of intruders or to locate fleeing suspects.
  • Unnamed futuristic aircraft: The sentries can travel in flying jets equipped with searchlights and heavy guns that can carry a small platoon.
  • Black Dragon Cannon: Used to disrupt Ranger powers.


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