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Gender: Female

Age: 22
Country: Afghanistan

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March 08, 2022


05/14/2022 03:27 PM 

weekly task 11

Dear Diary,

It’s one of the hardest days of the year today, Mother’s Day. I hate that she isn’t around anymore and I miss her like crazy. She’s my mom....I just want to be with her, I just want to hug her and tell her how much I love her, but I can’t. Maybe I will go down and visit her grave later. Dad tells me this is my aunt’s day now and that I should be spending it with her, but she isn’t my mom and she never will be. I want to hate Josey for taking my mom away from me, but I can’t. She is my sister, I just wish my mom was here too,

I know it’s been over 15 years now, but is it crazy that I can still smell her perfume and hear her voice? I think it is but I don’t want to lose that. I’m scared I will. I can’t really remember what she even looks like now, but people always tell me I have her eyes and apparently I look like her when she was my age. I wish I remembered what she looked like, I really do. I will always love her, more than life.



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