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05/14/2022 11:25 PM 

Love of My Life.

serpent juliet ♔ betty cooper

Love of My Life.
You will remember When this is blown over And everything's all by the way When I grow older I will be there at your side to remind you How I still love you (I still love you)

Back, hurry back Please, bring it back home to me Because you don't know What it means to me
"I will be there"
Betty did not give a second thought to leaving Jughead in the living room as she moved swiftly into the kitchen. The objective of her mission was the only thing in her sights as she fought back against Alanna's flailing arms and legs to save herself from Jughead's fate or something even worse. There were certain things that parents picked up just through the process of living, and the most critical lessons in fierce love occurred without any prior warning and often developed out of the need. Betty had been more lenient when Alanna was first born, maybe even too lenient in some aspects, as she had allowed the neediness of their newborn daughter to overshadow her own and allowed herself to be exploited as a result.

Betty's commitment as a mother had become stronger with time, and she was better able to distinguish between what her daughter needed and what she desired. Betty kept Alanna corralled within her arms as she pulled open the freezer with one hand before blocking another foot that nearly connected with her rib cage. What Alanna wanted right now was to be free of both of her parents so that she could wreak havoc on any and all parts of their house at will. However, Betty kept her corralled within her arms.

Her tolerance had run out just as quickly as Jug's, but instead of letting out her frustration, she stifled it and used it to her advantage when she reached into the freezer at the moment when her husband reappeared to provide the much-needed assistance. Betty needed him not just for Alanna to be distracted by him but also because he extended a hand to her back and brushed the tangled mess of sweaty locks out of her face. He was helping to half-support her and giving her a chance to reach into the freezer for what she had been seeking the whole time. It was a DIY ice pack created out of an old washcloth dipped in water and then placed inside a plastic bag before being zipped up. Betty unzipped the bag and pulled out the solidly frozen towel before drifting toward the sink with Alanna and Jughead at her side, all three of them linked physically and in anguish.

Betty had to turn her head away from her daughter and wince at the irritation of the pitch. Still, she managed to turn on the faucet and run the cloth under some warm water to bring up the temperature so that it wouldn't be too cold and loosen the material's stiffness. The screams became louder as the sudden movement occurred. After accomplishing what she set out to do, she positioned Alanna so that she was leaning against her hip, turned off the water, and then pryed Alanna away from her chest. She previously wasn't bothered by being held by her dad in the living room, but now she clung to Betty with an inescapable grip. This caused Betty to roll her eyes as she fought against little hands grabbing for anything from the fabric of her shirt to more painful fistfuls of her hair. Previously, her dad hadn't been bothered by being held in the living room.

"You're much too hot, sweetheart..." Betty gave a slight shake of her head and then put the washcloth down on the counter so that she could unzip her footie pajamas all the way down the front of her body and start yanking limbs that didn't want to come out of the sleeves. Jug's eyes shot to hers as she silently requested his assistance in removing all of her clothing save for her diaper. She was aware that if they could just get her to quiet down for a moment, then the remainder of calming her down would be a lot simpler.

Because of her outburst, her face was so red, her hair was drenched, and even her pajamas, which Betty yanked off of her as she was walking, were wet with perspiration, tears, and snot. She moved swiftly to take action as soon as Alanna's arms were freed from the onesie, retaking hold of the fabric just as Jughead completed removing the item from her writhing legs. Betty placed it delicately over Alanna's forehead, even though she struggled to resist having it done. She began bouncing Alanna against her hip in the hopes that the reassuringly chilly feeling coupled with the reassuringly familiar pattern that normally comforted her would do the job. "Don't worry, Alanna; your mother and father are right here," Betty readjusted herself and held the cloth to her forehead while holding her head against the top of Alanna's as she laid against Betty's shoulder with softer hitching sobs. She cooed softly as she felt the little girl give in the slightest, her strength relenting as Betty readjusted and held the cloth to her forehead.
at your side to remind you.


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