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05/14/2022 12:21 AM 

Holding the Knife. (MINOR MOM Spoilers)

Holding the Knife


Was he a fool? Of course he was a fool. He was straightening his tie while looking in the mirror. His jacket was hanging behind him. Flying around behind him was the Cloak of Levitation attempting to get his attention. The tail of the Cloak was poking him in the back repeatedly like a petulant child. “Yes, Yes. I know you want to go with me.” Stephen muttered. He didn’t really have much choice in the matter. If he didn’t take Cloaky with him, he would cause a scene. This day was all about Christine and all the bad choices that Stephen had neglected to make while he still had the time.

Stephen pulled his jacket over his broad shoulders and fastened the buttons. Cloaky was still spinning around him like a child demanding attention from a parent. “FINE!” Stephen immediately thrust out his hand catching Cloaky by the collar. He started to fold the magical relic down to the size of a pocket handkerchief. He stuffed Cloaky in there with an amused huff. “Now, try to behave PLEASE.” He knew it was impossible, but he had to say it anyway. He was the fool going to the wedding of the only woman he’d truly loved to another man.


Stepping to the side, he began to open a portal to the wedding venue. The portal opened in a secluded area. He stepped through closing the portal behind him in the process. He didn’t hide his identity and what he was from the general public. Everyone knew he was a sorcerer and a member of the Avengers. He tried to make himself as inconspicuous as possible. He could feel Cloaky stirring in his pocket. Stephen pinched the relic as it wiggled in his pocket. “Behave!” He hissed through clenched teeth. He plastered a smile to his face as he walked into the chapel.

By this time, Cloaky finally did settle into his place as Dr. Strange’s pocket handkerchief. This made Stephen breathe a sigh of relief as he tried to be just another attendee of this wedding. He found a nice pew where he took a seat. Everything was going well so far; until Nick West sat down beside him. Stephen could feel his jaw muscles clench as the man who saved his life by butchering his hands in the process. Pleasantries exchanged between the two former colleagues led to Stephen finding out that West had disappeared in the Blip just as Stephen had. He felt a twinge of remorse over the fact that West had suffered so much loss after returning to life. Stephen didn’t hate the man. The man did what he thought was right in terms of saving Stephen’s life. The sorcerer stole a glance downward at the ugly scarred hands that were unable to hold a scalpel any longer. He had other ways now to breathe life into mankind as a whole now. A faint hint of a golden glow emanated from his fingertips as those scarred appendages were resting between his legs. Nick West had actually given him a new life after all. It wasn’t anything that Stephen had anticipated, but everything had worked out for the best. At least Stephen kept telling himself the same thing even as Christine came down the aisle all dressed in white. She should have been marrying him, but she wasn’t.

Stephen took a seat to watch the ceremony just like the other guests. He kept thinking how breathtakingly beautiful Christine looked in that moment. There was a time that Christine was his whole world. He could only see that now after he’d come to the startling realization that she was saying the words, I do to another man. His selfishness and arrogance cost him the most important person in his life. That was a mistake he was going to have to live with that from this moment forward.

Stephen was mesmerized by her beauty. She was so perfect and so brave. He knew her better than most people. He felt a bit of his old arrogance cloud his judgment when he assumed that even her new husband knew her like he did. He knew his pride wouldn't go down too fast without a fight. Stephen had watched as the minister made his pronouncement. Christine Palmer was now another man’s wife. Stephen’s heart fell to his stomach. He only had himself to blame and he knew it.


The reception was sufficiently pleasant. Stephen couldn’t help but make his way to the bar. He heard Christine’s voice beside him asking for a drink. He extended his right hand and spoke softly. “Here allow me.” He told her. A minor parlor trick from the Sorcerer turned her water into the alcoholic beverage she wanted.

“Stephen. Thank you. Thank you for coming.” She lifted the glass to her lips. She sipped a generous portion of the liquid. The visible signs of the overwhelming anxiety of planning a wedding were finally leaving her. This made Stephen happy to see her in good health and happy. “...You’d like him. He’s actually a huge fan of yours.” Christine told him. Stephen had not registered the first part of what she’d said because he was still enamored of her. “Are you truly happy?” She asked him pointedly.

Mustering up the most handsome smile he could, he looked right at the woman he loved and spoke the most bold faced lie he could imagine. “Yes, of course I am, Christine.” He had to put on a brave front for her because she had the right to be happy. He knew he couldn’t make her happy in the way she deserved.

A loud commotion came from just outside the wedding venue. Stephen raced toward the sound of the noise. He pushed his way onto the balcony. There were automobiles being tossed around like toys at the screaming populace of New York. This was where Stephen Strange the man had to become the Stephen Strange the Sorcerer once more. He casually leaped from the balcony and began to fall to the ground. He pulled Cloaky from his pocket allowing the Magical Relic to fully expand and wrap around his body. The suit he wore to the wedding disappeared and the garb of the Avenger and one of the most powerful magic wielders on Earth covered him once more. He saw Christine with her new husband as he flew toward the direction of the problem. This was how it should be, he tried to convince himself. He was holding the knife again. It was obvious he’d never let it go.


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