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May 13, 2022


05/13/2022 08:52 AM 

RP info
Category: Guidelines

Hi everybody. Virgie (oriigins unknown) is a R63 Psycho Red. After a fight with the Psycho Black of her timeline, she ended up in another one *insert your timeline here*. She has no idea who she once was, but she'd like to know someday. 

Length doesn't matter, though I tend to lean toward para, inspiration permitting. You don't have to be a perfect writer-just please be literate. If I can read it without getting a headache, we're good.

I'm here to write the things, and not for booty calls. Plotting is fantastic, but please don't send me messages/plots about weird things that will make me run away screaming. 

I'm mostly looking to do things in the Power Rangers universe, but I'm open to crossovers. I'd also like to do things in the Maleficent: MOE verse (a friend got me hooked on dark fey) and Pokemon.

If you like to write the things, we can probably be friends. 


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