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ac 27: token.

Theia brought a few items to remind her of home. Although she knew it was necessary for her wellbeing, parting from home and her siblings was going to be hard on her and she feared at some point, although unlikely, that she would forget everything and everyone that made her who she was. 

She brought quite a few but there are a couple that she holds near and dear to her heart. The first one is a picture of her and her three siblings. Her siblings are people that got her through nearly everything and they are incredibly close with each other. Despite their fights, they were always able to reconcile and mend everything with no problems. The 4 siblings always did nearly everything together, going so far as trying to figure out ways to get one of their significant others out of the picture if they didn’t like them. 

Although it’s a handful of pictures, Theia also brought pictures of her older brother, Atlas and her older sister, Jessa. The two of them acted as Theia’s tether in a sense and were always capable of bringing her back to Earth. However, Atlas always said that she was the one that held the family together as a whole. Theia knew that she could always go to Jessa and Atlas whenever she needed anything, whenever something was bothering her. Despite the closeness of the four together, the three older Bennett siblings were closer than close. They had gone through multiple life events together and her older brother was the first person Theia told about her father’s abuse. 

As weird as it sounds, Theia also kept a glass that he let her have grape juice out of when him and Jessa had wine the night her and her two older siblings were playing five finger filet and nearly cut Atlas’ finger off when she was 12 and he was 19.


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