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Realms Merged (For MK Folks)

Rashid's realm has been merged with Earthrealm. He's very unfamiliar with the world of Mortal Kombat, and it's  atmosphere compared towards his world which was more colorful in terms of appearance. Rashid is eventually gonna how people in this strange world fight which includes a lot of gore and killing.

War Of The Realms (Inspired by the flash movie of that same name)

It's kind of similar to the plot above, only however Shang Tsung has managed to cause chaos around the universe, resulting in heroes and villains from their own universe fighting each other. Fujin has gathered many of the heroes that hasn't been deceived by the sorcerer to make a coalition to combat against him, Rashid is the Hero side who had been tricked by the likes of the
sorcerer thanks to him taking the form of Gill when he was making his speech about the invading forces, However Rashid finds it suspicious that Gill isn't aiding them within the battle and Kolin is nowhere to be found which raises even more suspicion. This causes him to find a way to leave the field to investigate on what's really going on. The coalition formed by Fujin, Shang Tsung's Forces and the other Heroes & Villains which side you're gonna be on? (This scenario will likely be NPC heavy)


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