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Another Day in The Hospital-Drabble (Task 24)

Another Day At The Hospital- Drabble
TW: Child Abuse Mentioned

Working on weekends at the hospital was not always her cup of tea but she was always happy to help when she could. She knew that this came with the career. She knew that it involved long hours, long shifts and  being tired. Catherine knew that this was part of the job and part of the career that she chose. She rarely complained but she was happy to help whenever she could. The pediatric department in Hartsville Medical Center did have good staff. From the doctors to the nurses, they were all great. Of course like in any job, there were people that sometimes were having a bad day. Catherine knew pretty much everyone in the unit. She was happy to help every other weekend. Hartsville Medical Center was were she had completed her residency. It was a way for her to give back to the community and being able to work in a fast-pace environment. It was always something new and interesting walking through the door of the hospital. That is what she loved about this career. The most rewarding thing though was the smile of her patients or the sense of relief from her patient's parents or guardians. That was the best part of medicine, of course it was never just happy times, there was difficult and stressful times as well. 

Catherine walked into the staff break room to grab a water bottle as she glanced around seeing a few of the doctors and nurses sitting down. She could feel an eerie silence in the room. She couldn't tell what it was but she didn't try to ask. She grabbed her water bottle and made her way to the nurses station. She waved at the nurses and greeted them. She was happy to be helping them whenever neeeded. It was true that she was a doctor but she did not mind jumping in to help if the nurses were tired or needed help. She was not afraid of getting herself dirty or anything like that. She believed that doctors had the responsibility to help nurses. Nurses did so many things and even though they did not have such powers to prescribe or anything like that, they deserved respect and acknowledgement for their work. The pediatric director came to the nurses station, to provide and ask who was available to assist with cases in the ER. Catherine did not hesitate to volunteer. She was excited as she waved the nurses good bye. 

Making her way down to the emergency room, she saw a that the waiting room was filled and a lot of the patients were kids. "Okay Dr. Byrne, thank you for helping us, I am already helping two patients, I have another one in bay 3, you can work on them, I haven't been able to introduce myself with them or anything" he said softly. The doctor smiled and nodded at him, "Okay no worries, I will go and introduce myself and work on them, I am here if you need help" she said softly. The tall older man furrowed an eyebrow. "Thank you" he said but very seriously. One of the nurses came to tap her on the shoulder. "Hey! Dr. Byrne, I am Ashley, I will be helping you with the patient in Bay 3" she said softly. Catherine was thinking for a moment before she turned to look at Ashley. "Hey thank you...sorry...I just...I don't know" Catherine said softly to the nurse. "Don't let his negativity get to you, you are a wonderful doctor, he can be a sour plum sometimes, believe me" she said softly. The doctor sighed and nodded. "Yeah...I know, I hope he can retire soon" she said softly. Catherine hoped that one day she could be the director or chair of Pediatric department in Hartsville Medical Center. The doctor pushed the thoughts and went over to help and treat the patient in Bay 3. The doctor was able to tell that child had a fever and did a few tests to rule out any other possibilities. The child had a bad stomach bug, and she was able to relive them with antibiotics and saline. This was helping the child to replenish the electrolytes in her body. "Thank you Dr. Byrne for helping my daughter, you are amazing" she said softly, the mother of the child. "No problem, I am happy we were able to control the vomiting and stomachache and the fever" she said softly. The rest of the night, it was busy and she was tired but happy to help with the patients. 

Checking in with one of the nurses, and giving her an update, she saw the director there making notes. He had the most serious face. She couldn't figure out why he was so serious, she could only imagine the amount of commitment and responsibility he had. "Dr. Byrne, could you come in tomorrow early? It may be another busy day; also have you thought about coming in full-time? We have you as part-time but you are such a great asset to this hospital. Plus what you do for our patients its amazing, it speaks in volumes. " he said softly. Catherine took a deep breath as she glanced over at him as she tried to be serious as she could. "I am part-time because I also work at Pooh Care and see regular patients there too...I have a clientele. I cannot just drop them and come here full-time" she said. "Thank you but no thanks, I can only do so much" she said softly. Catherine went onto her next patient. She could tell that this child was in pain and in fear. The father was in the room. She could tell that there was tension in the room. She tried to treat the child and introduced herself to the father and to the child. She was a mandated reporter for child abuse, and she could tell that this is what was going on, even her nurse could tell. Once they helped the child, she talked with her nurse. "Thank you Ashley for helping me with that...I seriously was about to say to the father 'Sorry Mr. Smith, but you've got resting murder face, I don't know if I can trust you. I can't trust to think that you are not the one hurting your child and that those bruises are not from a fall but from abuse' I cannot" she said softly. Catherine wondered why parents would abuse their children, if they did not want them why not place them into adoption or something else. She tried her best to treat her patients and she had to let him know that she was going to report it because the bruises and pain that the child had were not consistent with the fall that he was telling her. 


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