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05/12/2022 02:27 PM 

Song for bucky

Have you met Mr bucky?"
Someone said as we shook hands.
He was just Mr bucky to me.

Then I said, "Mr bucky,
You're a gentleman who understands,
I'm a gal who must be honoured."

"'You better laugh loud, you better not shout,
You better not shoot rabbits, I'm telling you why,
Fortune is comin' to town!
Fortune is comin' to town!
Fortune is comin', comin' to town."

I practiced every day,
To find some clever lines to say, 
To make the meaning come through...

And then I went and spoilt it all, by saying something stupid like: 
"You need to go on a diet."

I can see it in his eyes, that he despises nasty boys, 
Like the day before.

He loves drinking tequila,
He hates grubby knees,
He loves helping people.

That's why Mr bucky, 
That's why Mr bucky,
That's why Mr bucky is a soldier.

You need to go on a diet.
You need...


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