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04/29/2022 04:49 PM 

breaking trust. pt 2

trigger warning: sexual assault, drugging
click here for part 1

Danny Connell was night enough – after showing her around, he offered her something to eat. It had been awhile since she had anything except pretzels and peanuts from the bar, so a plain turkey sandwich on Wonder Bread seemed like a delicacy. Instead of water, she drank coke, and he even offered to let her use his shower. In about ten minutes, she was able to wash the curls out of her hair and the makeup off her face, and she was able to say goodnight to Lizzy Rose, the dancer. Now she could just be Lizzy, and she could relax. She could relax, and just be thankful she had somewhere safe to sleep that night.

She stepped out of the shower, and she paused. Her clothes weren’t on the counter like she had remembered – they were on the back of the toilet. The steps from the shower to the toilet were somehow difficult, like she was being fought against her own body. She felt like maybe she’d fall over if she hadn’t been so determined not to. She felt so heavy and it hit her so suddenly. It made her eager to get out of there and lay down somewhere. She held onto the counter and used that to help her with every step she took. She got her clothes on, and she had every intention of running a hairbrush through her hair. When she looked in the mirror, however, she became aware of just how aggressively the room around her was spinning.

 She practically spilled out of the bathroom, and then she hurried into the back bedroom. By the time she made it to the pile of blankets and pillows on the floor, she could hardly keep her eyes open. Whatever he gave her – whatever she ate – had to have gone seriously bad. Her one night of relaxation, she’d have to spend puking her guts out in the bathroom. It would only happen to her.

She heard the door open, and her eyes fluttered open once more. Right away, she was blinded by the light spilling in from the hallway in an otherwise dim room. Danny was standing there and he asked her if she was okay. “I just started feeling like sh*t,” she mused out, and even that was taking up some of her strength. She felt like she had spent the entire night downing shots of Jack Daniels, but she went straight from the party to the miserable in-between, where she was not quite hungover but not necessarily enjoying her buzz. She hadn’t had anything to drink that she could remember – sometimes the bartenders would give her a free shot or two if it was slow, but that night had been so busy.

She heard the door close suddenly, but gently. Footsteps begin echoing closer and closer to her, and the silhouette of Danny Connell blocked the moonlight from the window. The way he hovered over her made her wish more than anything that her weighted body would spring into action and go into defense mode. But she was stuck. She could only move her eyes enough to follow him as he made his way down to the ground. When he left her vision, that was when he began making contact with her body. He grabbed her thighs to pry her legs apart so that he could fit between them.

“Maybe, I can make you feel better,” he said in a voice she’d never heard from him before. Even in her state, she could hear the perversion and depravity. Her eyes opened once more, and she was looking into the devil’s eyes as he smiled at her. She forced her hands to grab at his as they started to snake up her tank top and make grabs at her bare skin. She also forced herself to at least try and get up. “F*** you, get—” she strained out a few words that he instantly put an end to by grabbing her wrists and forcing her hands to the ground. He held her there that way and she just couldn’t find the strength or coherency to fought off anymore attempts.

That was it – he had won.


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