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04/26/2022 12:12 PM 

breaking trust. pt 1

tw: sexual assault (will be mentioned in pt. 2)   
Danny Connell was a regular at Rocket’s – he had been ever since Lizzy started working there. Compared to some of the regular clients, he wasn’t quite as insufferable and overtly disgusting. He had his moments, but for the most part, he seemed decent. At the very least, he had a place warmer than a park bench which was what she was looking at for the time being. At first she had wanted to ask Faye, but she had a real jackass of a husband Lizzy couldn’t stand to be around – he had the world’s sweetest wife, and treated her like garbage. In return, he wasn’t Lizzy’s biggest fan either. He didn’t like anyone.

Danny Connell stood in front of Lizzy, unlocking the door for the both of him and opening it up into his tiny house. He had turned the living room into a bedroom, with a television and a mattress on the ground. He had an xBox too – an old one, she remembered one of her neighbors having when she was growing up. The carpet had a thousand stains caked into it, and the lights seemed faulty. She knew this because it took him three tries to get the one in the front room to turn on. “Wow…nice place,” It almost came out accidentally, but with how sharp he dressed, and how clean he always looked, it was surprising. She slid her backpack off of her shoulder and turned the first corner down a hallway where the rest of the rooms seemed to be.

“Yeah, I’m pretty in and out. I travel between here and a few other places,” she can hear him behind her.

“Where can I put my stuff down?” She called out, and he answered ‘the back bedroom.’ When she made it to the back bedroom, she turned on the light. The room was empty, outside of a large suitcase with clothes spilling out of it and all over the floor. She slid her backpack off her shoulder to join the clutter on the floor, and she began to wonder why he offered anything to her when there didn’t seem to be anywhere to sleep. Maybe the carpet in that room was thick enough to be comfortable? Maybe she should just be grateful that the heat does seem to work in there, and sleep wherever she could. She got down on the floor, and she unzipped her backpack to get out a comfortable pair of shorts she could sleep in. He brought her a pillow and a blanket, and gave her the ‘OK’ to take the floor in that room.

The final time he came back, he had drinks for them both in glasses. “I only have coke,” he said.

“Thanks,” Lizzy took the glass from him. “And you know, thanks for everything else.” She added, before finally taking a sip from the glass he offered her.

“Hey, don’t mention it,” he smiled at her. “Just try to get some rest tonight.”


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