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04/23/2022 01:30 AM 

Musey Challenge#2 (Drabble Style)

Originally posted April.10th, 2022

Credit to Archer

Muses being used/ I have

Willow Rosenberg
Alexia "Lexi Branson
Kazimir Rasputin( Disney OC) 

What is Royal Cake?

Russian Royal Cake is made with walnut, poppyseed,cherry and chocolate cake layers and frosted with Dulce De Leche Buttercream then drizzled with Chocolate. Also know as Korolevskiy cake

Setting: Russia 

It was a rather ordinary day for the middle aged red head known as Willow Rosenberg. Having been on a Europe based trip for quite some time now because of her work and duty as a witch she did not expect anything unusual to happen. Her friend and co worker Milo had stayed behind in California with her cat Gypsy and his yorkie named Rocket. Lexi had decided to come on the trip for moral support and a much needed getaway, apart from her witchy shop friends and a couple others Lexi was the closest thing to normalcy. 

Turning her head Willow raised an eyebrow at all the people in funny outfits. Thinking it was just some play they were apart of because the country was known for it her stomach soon began to growl for a meal quickly finding a small tavern. Today they got served a big bowl of Borscht with sour cream and hearty plates of Beef Stroganoff. After her encounter with cows in the past Willow was extremely skeptical  "Are you sure this stuff is actually edible?" Lexi gave Willow a nod of approval. "Yes and I think you better take a bite before you offend the chef of this place." Taking small bites she kind of turned up her nose at first because beets were not something she usually had cold but still managed to enjoy it. 

In fact just as they were about to pay and return to the next venue the owner gifted them with a Russian Royal cake for being such wonderful customers. "Oh wow thank you very much we were not expecting this at all. Your food and country are amazing so far."  The chef gave a warm smile in return and said something that sounded like a mix of broken english and thick russian dialect.   "You must visit our famous playhouse, the Imperial is to be making a very special appearance tonight."  Willow gave a slight nod but not entirely sure on what that meant as she had only known about the country from books or computer research.  "Alright what time and dress code needs to be done?  Having recieved the instructions they arrived at the location a short time later Lexi going to find a spot she was met with the loud yell of someone she knew, turning around she saw it was her red head. 

Willow-  Help Lexi!!!! I can't breath.. Its. Its him I don't know how but its him.

Lexi- Who? that funny guy in the suit? 

Willow nodding while hyperventilating

A group of middle age men and a couple females arrived amongst the crowd was the famous russian warlock but tried to blend in.  

Older man: "Oh my word isn't this just perfect another beautiful red head. 

Willow- "You're Grigori's son...don't you dare come near me.  Poor Anya and her family are dead because of your father." 

Kazimir: Wait you have to understand I am not my father. I have been trying for decades to escape him. It is why I left Russia to America/The Isle 

A spell had secretly been in motion and a sort of hologramish figure appeared that looked like Grigori. "Kazimir my boy kill the girl she is the red head we desire. Her blonde is just a bonus.

Lexi- "Dude I've died twice and I am an adrenaline junkie you really think I give a sh*t about death? tell me something I don't know."


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