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04/18/2022 06:41 PM 

Panic: Angry Hobbit

She wasn’t even sure why she was here. All Beverly Rogan knew was her daughter had wanted to attend the event to meet someone she kept calling “AdLibby” and how cool she was. So she went with her. Bev obtained VIP passes and they didn’t have to wait in line long. They were shown Libby’s both and Bev could see why her daughter admired the gamer. She radiated a warmth and like her, was a mother. As they got in line Bev watched the other woman. She noticed a stricken look flash across the woman’s face.
She was going to fall in front of a thousand people. Bev watched her trip over some wires and leaned out to grab the other woman by the arm. Security swallowed them until they saw who she was. “Sorry, sorry.” Bev moved Libby towards an edge of her table. “Are you OK? I saw you were about to trip.” She told the woman. “So I acted out of pure instinct before you did. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for you to panic.”


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