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04/12/2022 10:27 PM 

AC #25

Lily was minding her own business, a pamphlet for the next workshop she was to attend in her hand and a warm drink sat in front of her. Sanctum had changed her life; it had stopped her from falling into the depths of depravity. It had given her a home and people she considered family. A small smile played along her pout as she threw herself into the pamphlet. She didn’t notice the woman watching her read, she never noticed her standing up and claiming the seat opposite her until she cleared her throat. With a roll of her eyes, Lily lowered her reading and gazed at the person in front of her. “I’m sorry to interrupt.” She said. “But what you’re reading is poisoning your mind.” Lily was taken aback, who was this woman? Why was she saying such things about the one place that saved her?

“Well, that’s your opinion and I’m fairly certain I didn’t ask for it.” She spat back, glaring at the woman across from her as she tried to get back to her reading. The woman sighed, reaching out for Lily’s hand. “You need to distance yourself from these people. They are dangerous.” A scoff quickly escaped Lily’s pout, her head shaking as she tried to come to terms with what this lady was saying. “You have no idea what you’re talking about. Sanctum saves people. Gives them a place to start again, and helps them with whatever they are carrying. You have no clue what you are talking about.” She shot back, snatching her hand away from the woman.

“This place, those leaders are doing everything they can to help people. You should really open your mind to their teachings. Maybe come and have a look for yourself.” Her head tilted as she spoke. She figured if she had this woman in front of her she could try to recruit her into the folds. “For instance, this workshop is one about overcoming trauma. They go in-depth about how you can work to free yourself from the worst.” A small smile spread along her lips, and the paper in front of her was pushed to the woman. “You should come with me, take in the lesson.” The woman shook her head, almost recoiling from the paper as it slid over. “They are poisoning you. You should really leave while you have the chance.” She repeated, sliding out from her seat.

Unable to accept the woman’s words, Lily quickly did the same and grabbed hold of her wrist. She believed this woman would benefit from a workshop or two, it wouldn’t hurt her if she tagged along. “I don’t see it that way. Just, come with me to this workshop. You’ll meet people and take in some great lessons. There is no harm in listening.” She said, her voice softening as she tried to convince the woman. Lily believed everyone could be saved. Thatcher and Maggie would do some incredible work with this woman. “At least come and meet Maggie. She’s lovely and I’m sure you two will hit it off.” Refusing to wait for an answer, Lily tugged the woman behind her, ignoring the protests spilling from her.


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