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Halloween Intro post

Intro post / open tag
Tyler Lockwood gazed into the mirror at his reflection. It was Halloween. For some time he had heard about this haunted house that was going to happen in Greendale. Curiosity got the better of him, so he decided that he would give it a whirl. He had been to the Greendale Riverdale area, so he knew about the origins of witchcraft. In an area so rife with occult influences, he had the distinct feeling that this Halloween was going to be one to be remembered.

He had chosen a hotel on the outskirts of Greendale that could be his temporary shelter. When one went to a party, it was logical to assume that one would be partaking of adult beverages. Tyler had no desire to be behind the wheel of a car driving back to Mystic Falls while intoxicated. It was his logic that he could sleep off the after party in a hotel room and return to Mystic Falls in the morning. No one wanted to deal or should deal with his drunk werewolf side. This made perfect sense to him.

Being a werewolf for real was almost like living with Halloween 24 hours a day seven days a week. For one night, Tyler was going to be someone else. Thomas, the older werewolf that was like a surrogate father to him, had introduced him the stories written by Johnston Mcculley about a legend from the old days where Mexico was in control of California. The stories were of Don Diego de Las Vega and his secret identity as the masked swordsman Zorro. Thomas had even brought out old videotapes of the show that Disney had that ran back in 1957. Tyler started watching the first tape and soon was through the entire run of the 30 minute TV shows from back in 1957. He was hooked. He continued to do research on the subject because it fascinated him so much. There was an updated television show back in 1990. This show from that time period did not fascinate him as much as the one in 1957. Antonio Banderas Had it going on when he played Zorro in the 1998 movie. Still, Guy Williams from 1957 was the GOAT. That was the version of Zorro that Tyler was going to be.

It had taken some wrangling, and calling in a few favors for Tyler to get his hands on that particular costume. In the end it was one of his buddies from the Armory that procured the costume for him. He stood there for a moment looking at himself a bit longer in the mirror before he walked to the box that contained the costume. He removed the lid to spy the dark fabric underneath. His right hand extended to brush his fingertips across the silk fabric. It was beautifully smooth and most definitely extravagant. It looked as though it had been worn by a gentleman in old California when it was a Mexican territory. Tyler could feel himself imagining being amongst a group lovely ladies who were quite enamored of the dashing rogue. He smiled to himself. “I’ve been single too long.” He told himself with a chuckle. It was time to get ready, so the werewolf removed his shirt and tossed it aside on the bed.

It didn’t take long for him to be fully in costume. He had a black mask that was tied over his head with perfect eyeholes so he could see. The long black gloves fit his hands as if they were made for him. it struck him as odd briefly that he’d never worn this before, but it fit as though it was made for him. The icing on the cake as it were, was the hat that fit perfectly up on his head. He stopped for a moment and took a great appreciation for how he looked. “¡Muy guapo!” He declared admiring himself.

Tyler furrowed his brow. That burst in Spanish was something he had not anticipated. Shaking his head he assumed he was just caught up in the moment. He taken a Spanish in high school of course but he didn’t I think he was that proficient in the language. All that remained of the costume for him to wear, was the sword and the scabbard. He gently handled the sword in his right hand. It was a beautiful blade. It wasn’t phony either. Tyler knew by the weight of it that it was quite real. There were certain perks with being associated with the Armory. He knew what real weapons look like and how they felt. He tried to put it out of his mind and focus on the night of merriment that lay ahead.

His truck was waiting for him in the parking lot where he had left it. With keys in hand, Tyler started walking towards his truck. For an instant he could have sworn that his truck had actually turned into a beautiful horse that was the color of night. He shook his head and climbed into the truck. It was off to the haunted house he went. He wondered if anyone would be there that he knew. The reputation of the haunted house in Greendale was legendary. Chances were likely that he’d find at least one person he knew there. One could only wait and see.
Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet


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