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03/31/2022 07:36 PM 

AC #24

Lost and Found.
Flashes, everything came as flashes. The screams echoing, the feel of the ocean rushing at her, pulling her under as the ship sank behind her. Her body grew tired as she kicked and tried to fight her way to the surface, but the more she struggled the faster she sank. Her hands reached out to the surface of the water, praying someone would see her and pull her to safety, but no one did. She sat upright in bed drenched in a cold sweat. Another nightmare, another sleepless night. Climbing from the tangled mess that was her bed, she slunk out into the living room knowing that sleep was going to be avoided for another night.

Since returning, all Lily had done was work, drink, and try to sleep. Anything to keep her mind busy and to catch up on the mountain of work that had piled up while stranded on the island. Nights were the worst. She didn’t want to call and annoy people while they tried to sleep, she couldn’t go to the garage and work on things without waking people with her bike and the blaring music she would play to drown everything else out. Nights were now reserved for drinking.

Moving to the kitchen, she opened her constantly stocked cabinet and pulled out a bottle of whiskey. She had stayed sober for those ten days on the island, for her it felt like an eternity. She hadn’t been that long sober in years and it nearly destroyed her. Her mind flashed back to her and Tucker on the beach, the two trying to meditate and avoid the threatening breakdown yet tears still streamed down her cheeks. If he hadn’t taken her for a walk and taken her mind off things, it would have been a lot worse. Pulling herself from the memory she moved back to the sofa to make herself comfortable. It was going to be another long night.

The bottle wasn’t enough, her vision blurred, and her head swam with the alcohol, but she still couldn’t stop thinking. Prying herself from her seat she moved to the bathroom, gripping the wall for balance. Stumbling her way to the cabinet, she flung the mirrored door open and gazed inside, hues grazing over the orange bottles lined inside until slender fingers wrapped around one. She didn’t know what they were, she didn’t care. Popping the top, she made her way back to the bottle, tossing back pills as she walked. Taking a large mouthful of the amber liquid and downing the mouthful, she flopped back onto the sofa, her head lulling backward as darkness claimed her.


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