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attn: Davina, Caroline
Tyler's phone buzzed in his pocket. He almost didn't hear it. The ER was overwhelming and grew even more unbearable. Tyler could feel his temper starting to rise as the situation around him was getting worse. When he could feel his werewolf blood boiling, he knew he had to retreat. He exited the Emergency Room and started into the hospital itself. He jumped into a closet and pulled out his phone. He read the message from Davina.

“Things are not safe at the hospital. I just watched a doctor get punched. I am leaving the hospital but I don’t know where to go. I have to help.”,

This made a distinct grumble come from Lockwood. He let his shoulders drop. His optics turned gold and his teeth became fangs. His temper was the key to letting his wolf free. This was certainly taking him directly to absolute rage. Too much stress and not enough answers was pushing him directly to the brink. He dropped his phone back into his pocket before he destroyed it.

Just before he lost the last hold on his temper, his phone buzzed again. He heard the ambulance arrive. Knowing his roommates schedule, Tyler knew Jeremy should be out there somewhere. The voices all around and the thought of his best friend did work to his advantage in bringing Tyler's temper back into focus again. His eyes and teeth returned to normal. The hairs that usually started to prickle his skin before he went full wolf disappeared.

He reached for the door, but heard voices. There were two firefighter paramedics speaking. "Where's Gilbert? He was supposed to be on this run." One spoke to the other.

"He was with us, but some guy with an accent ran up and dragged him away in a fancy car. They were gone before I could do anything. " The other replied, merely baffled at what had transpired.

The mention of Jeremy worried Tyler. The description of the man that took Jeremy and the car he drove meant only one thing. Kol Mikaelson was around and that was never good news. Just as Tyler had his issues with Klaus, Jeremy’s own personal pain in the ass was Kol. Damn Mikaelsons He growled low.

Tyler's phone was buzzing from his last test he'd not read yet. His jaw was clenched and he was breathing through flared nostrils. He pulled it out of his pocket and started to read it. It was from Caroline.

“Spotted a new feature creature on campus, heavy on the yuck, but I think they have something to do with this. Where is everyone,”

This was not what Tyler wanted to hear. He finally emerged from the closet and marched toward the door. He wasn't about to stay here any longer. His friends were facing this growing problem all alone. Tyler was a werewolf. He could help and dammit he was going to help. He was pulling off his jacket and slamming it into his open locker in the residents' locker room. His phone was in his hand as he typed up a message to send to Caroline's phone.

I'm leaving the ER now. If something is out there, I'm going to find it and I'm going to kill it.

He hit the send button right before he slammed the doors heading out to the campus at large. There would be more sick people in his ER. As a werewolf, Tyler was able to track a variety of people and monsters with just a scent alone. It was time for all this to END.
Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet


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