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AC #23

Emotional Control.
Emotions were always difficult for Lily to control. She tried her best to stuff them down until they ended up exploding out of her in a fit of rage. She blamed her teenage years for how she felt. Held onto the trauma like a crutch, using it as an excuse for her actions. That is how she ended up here, sitting across from Maggie for the first time since she came here. “I know it was difficult for you to come here, Lily. It shows great courage for you to sit in that seat.” Her voice was soft, pleasant. All Lily could do was turn her head and try to focus on something else. “Lily. Where is all this rage coming from? You seem like such a sweet girl but all I can see is anger behind those eyes.” She reached out, as if to touch the raven-haired girl, but all Lily could do was recoil from her touch. “I don’t like being touched.” She finally said, dark hues fixing on Maggie for a moment before moving onto the shelves.

“All I’ve felt is rage for a long time.” She breathed after a moment of silence. “What else can you feel when you become so damaged, so void of any other emotion?” Her question seemed to hang in the air before Lily could no longer handle the silence. “How else am I supposed to get across how I’m feeling if it isn’t using my fists or doing something reckless?” A small shake of her head followed. “Drinking helps numb everything. I don’t know how else to control these things. I don’t really have a stable person to learn from, you know?” A sympathetic look came from Maggie, forcing Lily to cringe at the sight. “You use your words. You write down how you’re feeling instead of hurting yourself or others. It is important to control these emotions, not just for you but for those who care about you. You’ll get the hang of it after a couple of exercises and some more session time.” The soft voice and caring sentiment started to break down some of Lily’s walls. “You say it like it’s so easy.” She sighed. “It’s taking more energy than I thought not to start throwing things around in here.”

“It takes time and effort, Lily. These things take practice.” Maggie breathed slowly, scribbling down notes as she spoke. “You know the cruise that everyone is going on next week? There is a workshop talking about this very thing. I think it would be incredibly beneficial for you to go and take it. You might learn something.” A roll of those dark hues came but quickly stopped as she looked back at Maggie. “Yeah, I’ll stop by for a few minutes. See how it is.” Nodding as she spoke, her gaze shifting from Maggie to the floor. “Please do. And try to go sober. You’ll soak up more information.”


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