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They'll never see us comin'.
Moments like this were always treasured, especially when it was with her. Fingers intertwined, the laughter music to her ears. For the first time in a long time, she was happy. Truly happy. “You need to stop being such a p**sy and do it.” Her melodic voice sang through the laughter, the blue haired girl turning to grin at Lily. A coy smile tugged at her pout before quickly stopping in place, forcing Emily to stop in her tracks. “You need to stop being such a hot head or we’ll get arrested.” Lily laughed, tugging the girl into her arms. “Stop being the voice of reason and live a little.” A pout quickly formed on her lips, forcing Lily to roll her eyes. “You want to play tag with the cops, then that’s all on you, sweetheart.” Her forehead came to rest on Emily’s, a loving kiss placed on her pout as if to stop the argument in its place.

Days had passed since she had heard from Emily. Worry for the girl filled her at every waking minute, nothing else crossed her mind but her. She needed to know if she was okay. Slamming down the phone after another missed call, she ran for the door. Something was wrong, she would never go this long without saying something. As she started down the street, all she could think of was their last phone call. “I’m fine, you don’t have to check in on me every five minutes.” Her head shook, her walk turning into a jog. “I check in on you because I love you, Em. You know this.” Panic gripped at her chest; her jog turned into a sprint. “Em.” She whispered as she moved, pushing past passers-by, forcing them to move out of her way. “EM!” She called, bounding up the steps to her apartment building.

Where is she, is she okay? Where is she? The familiar door was soon upon her, fists beating against the wooden barrier as she called out her name. “Emily! Open the door!” Fingers wrapped around the handle, rattling the doorknob wanting nothing more for the girl to fling the door open and yell at her for being annoying. But it stayed shut. The pounding came harder, her shoulder thrown against the door until it finally gave under her. Falling into the room, she scrambled to her feet and ran to the bedroom. “Emily!” The bedroom door was open and there she was, asleep in the bed. Brows furrowed as she slowly approached, something was wrong. Her stomach clenched as she approached the bed. Why was she so still?

Tears pricked the back of her eyes as she sunk down next to the blue haired girl, fingers wrapping around her arm to give her a little shake. “Em… wake up. W-We gotta go get this bike you wanted. They’ll never see us comin’.” Her voice broke as the female lay still, eyes fell to the needle stuck in her other arm. “Em, you have to wake up.” She pleaded, sobs wracking her chest with each breath she took. Lily climbed onto the bed, ripping the needle from her arm and throwing it as far as she could. Lying down beside her love, she wrapped her arms around her slender frame and drew her in close, placing a kiss to those lips one last time. “They’ll never see us comin.”


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