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Fear Everything

Fear Everything
attn: Enzo, Hayley, Hope/ mention: a lot of folks
Tyler's head was spinning. One thing after another was happening. Enzo St John was here? He needed to go find Enzo before the wolves ripped him apart. Before he could actually try to get to Enzo, the bottom quite literally fell out. All the truth about Hope was coming out fast and furious. Granted it was good to see Hayley and know she was well, but something just wasn't right. Now Hope was asking questions he couldn't answer. It wasn't his place to answer

Thomas gave them space so that Hope, Hayley and Tyler could talk. "I don't like any of this!" Tyler groused loudly. His eyes glittered gold and his fangs were bared in frustration. "This is going to bring more dead wolves." He started pacing around like a caged animal.

Hope raised her hand and stopped Tyler in his pacing and his rant. Someone was coming? Tyler's eyes went full gold. He had full control over his wolf form, so he took advantage of it. The man who was a wanted criminal in the eyes of Klaus Mikaelson didn't give a tinker's dam. He was on Crescent land and he was a werewolf. The fully lupine form of Tyler Lockwood raced out of his cabin and into the open air of the Crescent land.

The steady beat of the four feet of the wolf as he ran filled his ears. His lips were snarling because of the smells that were carried on the wind. He ran faster as a wolf than he could in a human form. He was filled with rage. This was a sanctuary for the wolves. He couldn't let anything happen to it or to Hope or Hayley.

There was a voice in his head that spoke to him. It was a witch trying to beg for his help in this battle that was escalating into a war. He stood there a moment still I'm wolf form. He made eye contact with a familiar face. Enzo St. John had a pair of big brass ones for coming right here like he did.

With his head lowered, the wolf form of Tyler Lockwood was snarling in a low bass. He was fixed on Enzo. He could smell the death that came from the vampire. All vampires smelled that way to him. Death invoked a misery all unto its own. Tyler was not a Crescent by birth. He was only a Crescent by adoption. Hayley was his Alpha and he would die for her if he needed to without hesitation. It's what a Beta did. A Beta would always protect the Alpha. That's what he was doing right now.

Tyler wanted no treaty with witches or vampires. Tyler wanted to go deeper into the Bayou where none of them could find them and none could follow. Even the Mikaelsons invoked the wrath of the Bayou by their mere presence. It was going to take either Hayley's arrival or Hope's to stop Tyler from going past the barrier spell. He'd been injured, yes, but he was healing. It was good for them all to keep in mind that there were no more dangerous creatures than those that were injured.

Tyler Lockwood definitely fit that bill. He had blood in his eyes and murder on his mind. Keep out the ones who don't belong no matter what the cost. The wolf was still snarling and practically frothing at the lips as he kept approaching the barrier spell boundary. Despite the familiarity of St. John, Tyler was in a feral mindset to protect his pack. No vampire, witch or human could be trusted.

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet


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