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SuperNova Beauty (Canon and AU Crossover)
Category: Stories

Proto Zoa-Oz
Commander Plank-Giles
Parker Wyndham-Wesley and father
Lutz-Principal Synder
Aunt Judy-(Buffy's mom)
Astrid and Mark Kar- Sheila and Ira ( Willow's parents.  Mostly just names)
Microbe- Dingoes Ate My Baby

2049 (Thirteen years old) 

It had been eight years that Willow had been living up in space. Life was perfect she had become an expert at crafting, and even formed her own lingo with her best friend Buffy. Little did anyone know that a big wig by the name of Wesley, would be paying a visit with his assistant Synder. While every teen girl and lover of music was getting ready for the upcoming contest the evil duo were secretly planning to high jack the station "Buffy can you believe it? Dingoes Ate My Baby is coming to our space station."  The blonde kinda gave a small eye roll, sure she didn't mind the band but of course Willow was more invested in them.  "That is great news Will but we should probably work on not getting on Giles's bad side or falling asleep."  Of course Willow had pretty much tuned out everything except for squealing  "Oz is just so Lunarious with his dimples and that red hair."  Riding high on the excitement she had nearly bull dozed their Supervisor who didn't seem all that pleased.  "Oh Morning Glorious Giles. Beautiful galaxy we have hey?"   "Now Miss Rosenberg you know better than that to be running and squealing in the corridors."   

Before they knew it the days had passed rather quickly and Wesley was now wandering the station. "Mr. Wyndham hi I am just so thrilled to meet you and Mr. Synder. Yes you are correct it is the band Dingoes Ate My Baby."  Sticking out her hand with the biggest and fakest smile possible she took notice of their body language in return. "Okay did that whole situation seem super inky to you Buffy or am I just having one of my low sugar days?  Buffy returned the nod of agreement before going to find the rest of their group to deliver the news. That night Wesley's assistant had somehow snuck down to the main control room,  "Freeze sucker you're not allowed in there only the Supervisor has access."  This time the usually shy red head had her favourite laser gun and pointed it in the guys direction.  Having heard all the commotion the Supervisor Giles had come to break up the arguments. "Synder is lying, he was breaking into the controls and I was trying to stop him.  He had something in his pocket too, you have to believe me Giles."  Synder adjusted the buttons on his suit before looking back at both of them.  "You really think he's going to believe a teenage troublemaker you don't even have cameras in this place you call a home."  Glaring at Synder Willow tried not to say anything more but the guy only made it worse.  "At least I'm not a crook."   " That is enough nonsense from both of you."  Giles split the two apart Synder returning back to Wesley's quarters.

24 hours later

While in her parents research department Willow had to endure another awkward family meeting. This time her heartbeat had travelled into her ears  funny considering space is zero gravity.  "Willow what you did was uncalled for..  you have been sneaking around with Buffy and dragging her into your troubles.  We have no choice but to ground you Giles has other plans." Thinking it was some kind of early morning prank, she laughed it off until her father pointed outside the window.  "We are serious you are being sent back to your aunt Joyce's and high school is a must."   "No this is not fair she can't cook, and I was just a baby the last time.  I'll do anything just don't make me go to Earth."  Unfortunately for Willow the trip was already booked and would start her first day of high school the next morning. "Your Aunt Joyce is picking you up at the main gates when you get there.  


After some arguing and self talk she was on solid ground; soon finding her Aunt Joyce.  Willow's nose had quickly matched the redness of her hair from all the Pollen that she didn't know she was allergic too. "Oh Willow it is so good to see you how's Buffy?"  The two of them drove around in the car, before they found a Tiki bar and bistro. "Rosie is that you? my golly I haven't seen you since we were five years old."   "Ugh..should I know who you are? there are only two people who ever called me that."  Xander did his best to not make this any more awkward, or heart breaking as being in space made them grow apart. "It's Xander we lived next door to each other and were in Preschool together before you moved."  Looking around for an escape route, she was soon met by a browned haired girl who clearly ruled the boardwalk.  "Where'd you get your outfit? the bargain bin at Aliens R US?"   Doing her best to fit in she laughed it off once again, the fact Buffy stayed up in space made the situation even harder.  "And exactly who are you supposed to be clearly that guy was not interested in being around you."   Giving a quick hair flip the brown haired girl moved in closer.  "I'm Cordelia Chase Dumbass and you better not forget who runs this town." 

A week later 

Being the freak from outer space was not the best especially with having to get a new look and lingo down was much harder.  Luckily she discovered her love for advanced technology and fried foods. "What is this deliciousness?"  "We call those zoo sticks its bread crumbs wrapped around Zucchini."   While doing a group project Willow had overheard someone mention the station was on lockdown so instantly she had to call her best friend Buffy. "Cetus Lupeedus what happened to you?"   "Something blew up here, they think it was some sort of electric shockwave or the rodents from your parents lab"   This cannot be happening.  I am going to hop on the next flight home I miss you we have to make sure this show goes smoothly."  A few hours later Willow had spotted the famous band and of course Oz.  " Mr. Osbourne I just wanted to say how Lunarious you are, the way you capture the moment with every song and dance."   Waving the guards off the rockstar got a glimpse of the tree of life pin on her jacket.  "I remember now you're the girl who built the Dingo out of recycled metal and guitar strings right?" Giving a small nervous smile back to him she followed to the plane but not before getting instructions from Jenny and Xander.  "Talk about Pressure Major or what?"  The older lady had sent a counter active disk she built and made sure to train Willow on it.  "Alright time to give dear ol Wesley a taste of his own medicine.  He'll be thinking twice about messing with a TechnoPagan"  Tilting her head in complete confusion she wondered exactly what that meant, as if Jenny could read her mind she gently explained. "TechnoPagan basically means I am a certified witch/gypsy but can build and crack software just as easily." 

Visions of your pretty face
Send me into hyper space
Caught up in a Planetary world
Breathing in you give me air
I'm living off your solar flare
Could you be my super nova girl
Interplanetary Mega Stellar Hydro static
Theres no gravity between us 
Our love is automatic


The space station was able to go through with the show and not only did she score a date and dance with the lead guy but her aunt Joyce had fallen for their supervisor too.  Willow had learnt how to turn Wesley and Synder into Weasels 

Zoom zoom zoom, make my heart go boom boom
My super nova girl
Zoom zoom zoom make my heart go boom boom 
My super nova girl
zoom zoom zoom make my heart go boom boom
My super nova girl
zoom zoom zoom make my heart go boom boom
My super nova girl



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