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01/23/2022 11:02 PM 

About You.

serpent juliet
About You
She really wants to tell him that she still can't sleep. That Betty still has nightmares about the Black Hood creeping into her room and strangling her, and that Alice has come into her room three times when she wakes up screaming in the middle of the night. Betty cannot handle being in the same room with her mother for any longer than is absolutely necessary. So she travels from school to Vixens practice to the Riverdale Public Library and remains there until closing, despite Alice's anxiety for her daughter's nightly terrors.

But Jughead is grabbing at straws to keep the new family he's created—already, he's done so much harm to the old one, and the prospect of returning to his lonely existence gives him a bad taste in his mouth. So he's pacing aimlessly through the history department when he comes upon Betty curled up in an armchair, books, and papers strewn across the table in front of her.

Betty glances at him through veiled eyes as his close movement jolts her awake. She grins at him, not quite awake and aware of the circumstance, unguarded and with what he hopes is a hint of the love she used to gaze at him with. "Hello, Juggie," she says softly.

Betty sits up hastily, flushing and no longer looking him in the eyes. She curses herself softly and begins to grab her possessions. When she wakes up these days, she forgets everything for a little while. Betty has no recollection of Polly's disappearance, of a killer stalking her, or of Jughead breaking her heart in the liminal space between dream and reality. Usually, she can shake herself out of it, but the library setting threw her off, plus he was there, so her emotions took over her mind. Betty is overwhelmed with embarrassment and shame and is frantically trying to flee.

Betty trembles when she opens her lips to speak, and she grabs his hand to keep herself steady. When he squeezes back, she tries to ignore the warmth that spreads throughout her entire existence, but it blossoms so swiftly that she feels utterly tranquil for the first time in weeks. "I'm glad you'll be back at Riverdale High," she says, not even bothering to hide her smile this time. More phrases float around in the air—because I've missed you, so we can spend time together, please don't push me away again—but the soft edges of the moment obscure the unsaid concerns.
It's about breakin' up and wakin' up And stayin' tough, and Makers Mark Toppin' off a coffee cup And pray it does the trick to forget At least for a little while It's about words that hurt, the verses burn

The worst mistakes and lessons learned And gettin' what you deserve Instead of gettin' back what you had to lose Yeah boy, this one's about you Yeah, this one's about you


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