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Multi Muse-Tara Knowles(Canon and AU)
Category: Stories

Originally written: January.12,2021

FYI: This time we made Jax be the one to divorce Tara and keep Abel and Thomas instead.

Izzie and Gemma- Broken Asylum
Willow and Tara (Jax alternated between Izz and I) Night Vixen

Synopsis: Isabelle had planned a surprise party for Gemma at the clubhouse with the help of Jax, and invited Willow along as her guest before things went sideways with Tara and the club as per usual. 

Samcro Clubhouse

The trip had taken longer than expected, having felt slightly out of place she did her best to be polite. Having been there for her friend and the older lady Isabelle called "Mama" Willow hadn't really met Tara; but heard she could get territorial and such if the time arose so kept her distance for the most part, until Isabelle's daughters Hayven and Eve spotted her.  "Auntie Red we missed you."  Having made small talk with the girls and the rest of the club.  "Hey girls I missed you too, and yes Izz a burger would be great thanks don't forget the dr. pepper." 

Tara glared at Isabelle from across the lot; still hell bent on proving she was meant for the club no matter what it took even if that was one handed. Taking a quick pause when Gemma asked the question. "What are you scowling at, Tara?" Most of the guys she got along with and knew she was Jax's old lady.  Isabelle had shot a nasty look back in return not breaking eye contact, Gemma was still kind of off with her.

"Cass of course. Even my boys like her kids, you'd think she owns the place with the way she struts around." 

Willow had been watching from the side; in between eating her burger amongst Jax, Juice,Eve and more. There seemed to be tension rising, Tara had gotten up in Isabelle's face.  At this point she was going off about something, clearly pointing towards her a.k.a. red head, well this did not seem to sit well. Pushing off from the post Willow walked over but before she arrived Tara tried to attack Izz, the boys noticed and tried to step in.  "Take Izz inside, I got this covered." 

Willow now stood face to face with Jax's girl. "So you're the Tara that is causing sh*t for my friend. Bitch I don't know what your deal is but Izzie/Cass is just as much apart of this club as the rest of us. So you need to back the hell up or you'll regret it."  At this point she turned and began walking away but Tara grabbed her by the back of the head which instantly made Willow snap hard. "Oh you wanna f*** with me? It is so on don't say I didn't warn you."  The red head now had black eyes and a sort of snarl to her tone, punching Tara hard and sort of knocking her a bit.  "You ever mess with me, Izz or any of us including my babe Juicey you know what will happen."  Gemma having praised Willow shortly after.  "You okay baby?"

Jax had been moving to intervene, and keep his wife calm, letting Willow handle everything for the moment.  "C'mon Tara. You want me to take you home?"  Izz was scowling, ready to take Tara down when she made the attempt on Willow. 

"Get her out of here, baby. I don't need some jealous little bitch causing trouble for my birthday."  Gemma demanded. "I can watch the boys. They're having fun."  Tara had wiped the blood that came pouring from her nose hearing her husband Jax try and calm the situation.  "What I want is for those stupid bitches to leave. But yeah my hand needs painkillers anyways."  She said before grabbing her bag of stuff and walking with her man. 

Willow was running high on adrenaline at this point, oblivious to the fact the boys had watched the situation go down between her and Tara. She didn't want them to know her agressive side, blinking a couple times she looked up seeing Gemma.  "Yeah I'm okay sorry to cause a big scene." Jax rolled his eyes towards Isabelle, quickly losing patience with his wife and didn't like the feeling at all.

"You didn't cause the scene, baby. Tara's been itching to go at Cassie since before I got here. She does such a good job of playing nice since that is not usually her area but of course Tara keeps at her. If she doesn't stop Jax is going to end up a widow."  The red head having won a spot in Gemma's good books. Tara was in a foul mood and had to basically be escorted out from the property she was not going to let this go still. Willow gave a half smile surprised how supportive the older lady was. 

"Tara you can't just lose your mind everytime you see Cassidy. You left. For years. She's been here she helps the club out, she's part of the family- just like you are - but if you keep this sh*t up, you're going to end up on mom's sh*t list and everyone else is going to be just as annoyed." Jax complained as he drove her home.

Tara let out a huff of annoyance towards her husband before speaking.
"So what you're just going to take their side over your own wife and kids? Yeah I left and did stupid sh*t but so did you. You don't think I made sacrifices and helped out the club? I sewed up more asses and body parts than I can handle. Besides not like Gem liked me anyways."  Tara continued rambling under her breath until they arrived home.

"That chick has some serious issues that need to be straightened out fast. Willow nodded in agreement to Gemma's comment. "Thanks it felt real good too. Tara is lucky a bloody nose is all I gave her."  Quickly giving the older lady a low down on who she was a.k.a. being a witch. The initial shock and adrenaline wearing off she began to wince in pain before Juice took her to the office for ice and the medical kit.

Jax hadn't said much to her on the ride, saying he'd be home later. Tara climbed off the back of his bike when they got home,  giving Jax a cold shoulder before going inside and slamming the door. Soon finding her painkillers tossing them back. Having taken a bit of a joy ride to cool off before returning to the clubhouse with smiles and laughter. "Yeah I'm cool sorry about Tara she was still going on and on. Willow don't be sorry she needed to be told off." 

A few weeks later

Now at Teller Morrow; Izz was about to do a run for Clay and the boys. Tara had been sucking up to the remainder of the club and being on her best behaviour since the scene at the party. Jax continued to hang out with Izz on slow days, in between meeting with his lawyer to speed up the paperwork.  Even though Tara had threatened him multiple times, The custody had been a tough one to crack. Things hadn't been officially sorted out yet but Isabelle fought hard to be in Jax and his boys lives.  Tara had somehow snuck up on the two of them  "You're pregnant with my husband's child?!"  Practically growling at the news. 

Willow snapped her head now hearing that familiar rage and voice it was the psycho known as Tara Knowles. "Aww f*** this is just great you're worse than a damn Ninja. You really need to stop eavesdropping too."  Izz approached Tara trying to shut her up fast.  "Stop mouthing off at Red, you wanna do this, let's do it."  Having felt Jax's presence nearby. 

Tara continued spitting words at the other brunette. "I can run my mouth any damn way I want. At least I'm not a giant whore whose keeping secrets. Willow always saving your ass she probably begged Juice to be with her so she could get into the club faster, he's even stupider than I thought." Jax ran a hand through his beard before Tara came lunging at Izz in a fit of psycho mommy rage and punched her this time. "That's what you get for stealing my man." Willow quickly left not wanting to get charged with destruction again .  The threats only escalding with each passing minute Tara was completely blindsided having seen a flash and then instant blackness before collapsing to the ground. 

Jax stood having seen his wives lifeless body in the center of the lot, sure the idea of running her out was in the back of his mind but the fact Isabelle had actually done it was still a shock factor.  Not wanting to have a hit on the club or the State police, Izz had covered it up making it look like a recreational accident. Willow and Juice had helped as well especially if she chose the baby.


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