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01/18/2022 03:01 PM 

Holly Carmichaels(Owens) Original Character 2019

Drabble Paragraphs written: Sept.11,2021

Full Name: Holly Carmicheals(Owens)

Age: 23 

Birthday: August. 20


Birthplace: Lafayette-Louisiana 

Current city: Miami Florida 
Sister of Kappa Phi Sorority (Formerly)

Major:Animal Science


Eyes:Golden/Honey brown 

Height: 5'6"


Personality:outgoing,sweet but tough on the inside bit of a tom boy

Hobbies:Riding Horses,Hunting,The Beach,Yoga

Favorite Music:Country,Rock,Pop

Favorite Food:Southern bbq,shellfish

Role:  Student (Formerly)

Dislikes: Spiders and Snakes

Siblings/ Family members : Younger brother named Cameron and a granny named Zelda( no relation to the amazing Boozy)

Relationship status: Married 

Occupation: Ranch hand at Whispering Willows( Formerly) Mom of three 

Bio: Holly was born in Lafayette Louisiana. She was raised by her granny Zelda as she didn't know much about her other family members. Most of them died before she got old enough to remember...when she finished high school she decided to spread her wings and moved to Florida. She was accepted into Miami Beach University for Animal studies, she also became the owner of Mr. Quinnvilles horse Gunner and his secondary property when he unfortunately passed. 

Holly was as country as could be, from her thick Southern accent to her redneck habits of hunting and fishing with her brother. Some said she was the sweetest others knew not to double cross her, but for one particular guy he was up for the challenge when he moved onto campus. Having been in the same building as her, Holly had taken a part time job as a Resident Advisor which led to her being invited to a Frat party at Sigma Alpha. Having no clue he was a pledge, the two of them went shot for shot along with dancing until they woke up on the couch the next morning. Holly being topless and the boys swarming around them taking pictures for blackmail, the head of the house Kevin being amongst them. The months had come and gone by rather quickly both of them permanent members of their houses, One thing led to another and the two of them welcomed their daughter Maddison, after wine tasting and heat stroke had turned out to be morning sickness instead. A wedding and two more kids had followed years later.

(Section written in 2021)

Holly having been a former sorority sister of Kappa Phi, wanted to spark some fun. Still having connections to the owner of the bar she figured it was the perfect opportunity. Little did her man Chris know that she had actually been working here for months, while he took care of the family buisnesses. A buddy of theirs was to be getting married and had booked the bar for a private party, not saying who or what was on the agenda, the music started to get loud and Holly along with a couple of her girls jumped onto the bar top. Chris having heard the sound of boots looked up into the familiar Golden eyes of his beautiful wife, even after 3 kids he still could not believe how amazing she was. The ex frat boys had gone wild when the former sisters started getting into the routine. Giving a wink she began pouring water over her body and shaking her ass in the daisy dukes she usually wore,  "Hey sexy miss me?"  Holly having far too much fun leaned into him, her boobs getting a fun little motorboat as both of them were clearly drunk too. She kept going until the end of the bar was now covered with booze bottles and extra horny brothers.  

Jumping down off the bar Holly walked over to her man, and gave him and the buddies a few lap dances. Kid Rocks Cowboy playing on full blast in the bar, she whips her hair feeling his hands on her was a rush and she needed more of it. Facing him she hooks a finger in the collar of his shirt, lust clearly in her eyes  " We got some unfinished buisness to take care of." Getting up she then takes him to the back room where she had been before the water show. Pinning him against the wall she then starts working his neck, making sure to give him noticeable hickies, both of them got undressed his arousal clearly obvious at this point. Chris flips Holly around so she was near the wall, picking her up the two of them began going hot and heavy not caring who saw or heard them.  "Brings me back to when we used to f*** in the laundry room at the Sigma house, but something about that song and stale beer got me crazy tonight." 

The two of them had gone at it for awhile, breathing heavily and covered in sweat but luckily she was on birth control this time so no risk of more babies. With how many times he had been kicked in the junk by his brothers it was a miracle they could even have any, but ended up with two boys and a girl with the cutest dimples and blue and golden honey eyes. 


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