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01/17/2022 01:25 PM 

Knox Osbourne- An Adoption Drabble👶🏼
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Originally written: October.16,2021

Debated on writing this piece for awhile now. But after some helpful feedback here is part 2 Enjoy. ❤️ Ages are flexible 

Knox Osbourne (Birth name)

Reid Mccollum ( New name given by adoption)

Red hair

Blue eyes with hints of green from the mother

Birthday:  June 25

Bio parents: Willow and Daniel "Oz" 

No wolf blood lines but exhibits traits from time to time(keen sense of smell) 

Has dimples like his dad

Birth place: Sunnydale

Current hometown: San Diego

It had been almost 3 years since the birth of Ella; Now with Willow and Oz's anniversary this weekend, she was glad to be free from her witchy duties and him from working at the shop. With flowers in hand Ozzy gave a brief kiss  after arriving home to his girls. "Hey sweetheart, how about you and me get out of town for the weekend? There's this beautiful spring with campsites and everything." Hearing the plans for a romantic getaway Willow couldn't help but to grin ear to ear at that. "That sounds perfect babe and I heard the weather is going to be extra hot."  Oz smirked before going to change this time grabbing a beer soon after. Willow began packing her bags with some high waisted bikinis and sun dresses, as much as she loved being a mom she hadn't been able to find clothes that made her feel sexy.  An extremely long check list had been in hand ,which of course had to include the bags of Marshmallows for Smores.  Leaving first thing in the morning was the game plan so they could ensure a good quality spot without feeling overcrowded. "Alright I made sure to leave a list of instructions and contact info for Buffy in case we end up without cell range."  Thankfully still having a tent from way back when they were able to save a bit of money on supplies. After hours of sleep it was time to hit the road with her man coffees in check this time.  

Sitting in the passengers seat with the window down; Willow watched as the scenery passed by from place to place. The two hour road trip feeling like only minutes. After payments were confirmed they were given permits for their camping spot and open fires. Soon following the winding dirt road that led to a large open area. "Holy crap babe is this place even real?  It's like a tropical paradise here."  Hopping out of the van when they arrived the two of them stretched. "You go take a swim and explore if you want, I'm going to get the tent set up while we still have sunlight." Oz gave a smile to Willow. Now going behind a bush she changed into her bikini, and made her way to the river it didn't take long before she felt arms around her waist, letting out a slight yelp. "Oh Ozzy you scared me I am glad you didn't get hit with that shield again." 
 The two of them swam around for awhile before spotting the floaties near the shore grabbing them they got on and floated the rest of the way.

As the hours passed by with peace so did the sun; now hanging low with a purple and blood orange hue they climbed out of the water, making their way back to the site. Once they were toweled off they got the fire built ,Willow had found herself lost in thought. Looking up at the sky she whispered a blessing before digging into her Smore . Oz had been a bit on edge at first Willow thought it could be from being over worked and lack of sleep but that didn't seem to be the case. "Honey are you okay?  you're acting really weird tonight." Tilting her head slightly after she spoke. "Yeah just I am so used to being antsy from the full moons, and for once we found a weekend where its perfect all around." This time Oz had found himself wrapping his arms around from behind, a smirk upon his face as he watched Willow turn her head when he gave her chest a gentle squeeze. "Well someones frisky tonight."  "It's your damn pheremones Will, they are off the charts tonight, besides I'm part wolf its sort of in the job description" The two of them began making out under the stars, which of course led to intense sex unfortunately Willow had run out of birth control but she was not about to stop mid way through. Before they knew it the next morning rolled around somehow the two of them had wound up in their tent.  "Well good morning to you hot stuff. 

A few weeks later

At this point Willow knew for sure she was pregnant which was confirmed by a few tests. Sitting down with Oz she told him the truth at first it came as a bit of a shock. "Ozzy honey it looks like we are expanding the family. I am sorry I thought I had enough pills before we got intimate."  Finding out it was a boy put a unexpected smile on their face making sure to follow through with the prenatal meditation and such.  It eventually came down to where Oz hadn't shown up at home in what felt like months, the phone calls and texts had been slim to none. Willow had found herself spending more and more time turning inwards, her pregnancy becoming rougher and more challenging every day. Even with all the countless hours of spell training Buffy was given she still could not understand her Red headed friend. "Willow please talk to me I know what it is like to hurt so bad you cannot breath. I have died and been brought back by you and Xander."  "If you can bring back Ozzy and let him see the birth and his son grow up then fine otherwise there is no hope." 

Permanently shutting out the world except for Cleo,Nola and the staff at her former job, Willow went forth with delivering her son at a private clinic by C section. With the help of a dear friend the tears of exhaustion and sadness upon her face, she was given the hardest task to answer. "Miss Rosenberg-Osbourne would you like to hold your son?" For a brief minute she looked down at the face of her child that would no longer be hers. "Knox Osbourne is your name but mother I am not I am so very sorry my sweet baby boy" 
This time the nurse carried Knox to be cleaned up and swaddled, a family had been assigned to adopt but the name of the family was disclosed for peace of mind and heart break. Willow continued to live her life as best as she could but still feeling very much lost and confused. 

Present Day

Being amongst the Crescent pack in New Orleans was the peace of mind Willow never knew she needed. A hybrid by the name of Hayley Marshall had somehow convinced her that the bayou was not as bad as it seemed. For the first time in years Will could finally agree, magic didn't have to be her only priority here she could be who and whatever she wanted.  A wanderer in the deep mossy trails or one with the water at the docks. While out for an early morning hike she had caught a glimpse of something orange, at first she figured maybe it was her fairy Ainsley but it seemed much bigger and human like. "I know this is weird but are you Willow Rosenberg from Sunnydale?"
Taking a step back Willow gives a small nod. "Yes I am Willow Rosenberg but that depends who is asking." The thing cleared their throat before proceeding.

"My name is Reid Mccollum I live in San Diego California. I have come a long way looking for answers and hoping you can help me."  Giving the obvious red headed male a look of slight confusion  Willow was the only one in this area who had it. "I don't know what I can do for you this property is private, and I advise you to go before my friend sniffs you out as dangerous territory."   

"Wait sniff? as in like a dog? I did have this odd nose twitch but I thought I was just being crazy."  The two of them had chit chatted back and forth ,until the guy who claimed his name was Reid pulled out a large crinkled piece of paper from his pocket. "According to these records it shows birthplace is Sunnydale hospital and its the same date as mine. Did my father ever smell things or have a serious hate for the moon?.  because I get an itchy back when it happens."  Will:  "If you are who you claim to be and I'm really your mom show me that twitchy thing and something only I would know from  records."  
Reid let his nose wander to the pile of moss with a twitch just like Ozzy had. 
"Oh my god no this cannot be possible. I gave my son up for adoption at birth his name was Knox, but you did the same thing as my ex fiance."  Willow shook her head back and forth. "I am sorry to have bothered you and come all this way, but I have been searching for years trying to find my real family. I just never expected it to be so odd and split up. Wait I have a photo. You had a daughter too right?"  "Yes I did her name is Ella but she does not live with me anymore." 

Willows hybrid friend Hayley had just returned from the docks and was now in defense mode eyes and canines bared. "Willow who the hell is this and why are they here you know I hate uninvited guests."  Willow swallowed the large lump in her throat and tried to reason. "I think this might be my son that I gave up for adoption back home in Sunnydale, how he found me is surprising." 


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Jun 10th 2022 - 7:08 PM

Wanda: Thank you very much for the feedback. Oz slipped away because of the choices Willow made before with their daughter but came around. She is an absolute badass 

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