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January 16th, 2022

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October 26, 2021


01/14/2022 09:17 PM 

Beginning of Horror prompt, "Let's check out that noise"

Theodore or Theo as his opponent designated him. The man was squat on details about his quarry, but Karen could work with that. She efficiently was a good investigator and naturally had the local rep to sufficiently prove it. 

Apparently, this Theo boasted an extremely prominent hotel within New York City and was quite the entrepreneur.

The seedy man that gave her the Intel very much grossed her out but a job represents a job. The wealthy man behind the ogre she was in talks with held a lot of influence with a lot of people in both the legal world and its underbelly. She and this beast of a man she was sitting with currently exchanged details at Josie's bar. He was merely the leading man's number one which meant that he was nothing more than a lackey that worked for an apparent big-wig who wanted to also build in New York City and wished to get a very inclusive dossier on Theodore, himself. Karen approved the transaction when she was given a bulky, yellow legal envelope filled with 100's wrapped in a band. The go-between stated his employer was willing to pay top dollars for the information. If she ever needed more; all she undoubtedly had to perform was to just ask.

The thing was, this felt off. It felt like some kind of set-up and caused Karen's belly unease from how she felt. The choice thing was she was directly invested and if things went tits up; she could aid Theo instead of hindering him. She thought it was an optimistic scenario.

Her conceivable angle? It was to play dress up, head to the hotel, and break into his office when she recognized the opportune moment. An overnight bag was stowed with her black tactical gear, bulletproof vest, spy materials, and so on. Plus the suit and tech that she had gotten from an enormously rich client that she had worked for and because of the high-risk work he put her through and his apparent love of all things blonde; Karen was graced with a suit that concealed her in shadows among other things. The bag was flung into the trunk of her car only an hour after her meeting at Josie's. 
Promptly, Karen was going to go out and get prepped for the evening. Graced about her graceful neck was a heart-shaped pendant that carefully held a small spycam within it. This specific item was habitually on her and it sent back footage as well as audio so that Matt and Foggy always knew where she was, what she was doing, and if she needed help. Another stream was always emitted to her work and home computer and lastly, a stream was sent to Antonia. The bag would be a backup if she had to break out the specialized equipment as she handled this case.

Karen knew what she was doing was in a grey area, but the firm needed money and thus, cases. Every so often, you undoubtedly had to take a morally grey case to make bank so that you could utilize your assets so that you can work with the people that dearly needed your help. Sh*t was unfree in New York City; as much as she heartily wished it was. Because to do some good...Expertly, you needed to have the ability to carry out the work and sometimes get unpaid.

With the cash she was issued; Karen made sure to promptly get her hair cut and highlighted again. Next, was a mani-pedi and an appointment with a makeup artist so that her makeup was tastefully done. The comprehensive look was refined with a choice bit of a sultry air to it. She heard that the wealthy man she was investigating represented a bit of a womanizer but not a complete one. The better she naturally looked; the more access to Intel that she could secure for herself. 

Next, it was out to find the appropriate dress; black and sleek. A classic which was just long enough for her to put her thigh holster for her Llama-III-A and in her purse she could put a few of the USB cartridges in case she could get into his office without detection. These devices were delivered to her by her Blackhat hacker turned Whitehat hacker confidant; Antonia. Placing just one of these in or even near a computer and Antonia could get remote access. 

Thankfully, Antonia was detained by the NYPD, at first, and forced to either work for them or go to jail; plus she would be required to work some cases for the FBI. How did they discover Antonia, who was amazing at hiding her tracks? Professionally, she traded with shifty people and the NYPD used Karen's services to get them in the door. Once she was in, Mahoney went in for the sweep. Initially, the two women were knocking heads but after a while; Antonia realized it was more capital to be on the side of the law than to not be.

Karen did help Antonia and Mahoney settle on a very decent plea deal before they conducted her over to the FBI. The way they slogged it out was that Antonia worked for the NYPD on the regular but was always on call with the FBI in case of a large, dire take down that they needed a very intelligent, savvy, and slick hacker. After her arrest and subsequent name change; Mahoney established Karen an in with Antonia even though he gave Karen grief over it. His big thing was overwhelmingly they couldn't do anything so bad that everyone gets forcibly sent down the proverbial river and Mahoney would look the other way. It was part of her arrest plea. Mahoney knew Antonia did not do everything by the standard book when it inevitably came to his unauthorized use of her and with that; he merely offered Karen the arrested woman's personal services knowing damned well she could be integral to her P.I.services. Mahoney, for as much as he bellyached about Matt and Foggy's personal use of his police shield? He inevitably saw all the amazing work that Daredevil, as well as Nelson, Murdock, and Page, traditionally did for Hell's Kitchen. So much so that they were integral for forcibly taking down Kingpin.
As prepped as possible; Karen carefully filled the small clutch she carried with her with spy items that could, additionally, be allegedly used as an everyday item. Special mirrors, lipsticks, and she constantly wore a watch/spycam/recorder that she typically used with apparent impunity.

Without excessive delay, it correctly was a critical time to head toward Theo's place and do her magic. 

Once she parked, she established her way to the front of the beautiful hotel and politely asked for the lively bar once she got to the front desk. With a charismatic smile; Karen was on her way to the elevator banks to head up to the visible top.

Though, a key part of her felt very uneasy. Not the average amount but as if she were being followed. Something did not smell right in Denmark. As the express elevator carefully opened, she walked out of it toward the standard bar. She did, currently,  possess a picture of her quarry which was also memorized and her eagle eyes were now zoning in on pockets of people as she looked for her mark.

Little did she know, she had been followed out onto the top of the luxury hotel. One large man who was lean and reasonably looked like he could snap your sleek neck with just a smack of his gigantic hand. Next to him befell a very wiry man who looked like the epitome of a weasel but who was elegantly dressed in a black, silk suit with a wide red tie and a silk white shirt. Karen had yet to accurately note them as she was looking intently for her unmistakable mark at that current moment.


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