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Devious Bloodmage

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January 16th, 2022

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January 30, 2013


01/14/2022 07:16 PM 

Barfed. 1x1 w/Raid
Category: Stories
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Barfed. 1x1 w/Raid


Video: “Madness"
By: Muse


Tempest had decided that it was best that he left without facing Raid. At least for now, there could be some distance between them…and from aggravated scratching in his brain reminded him, it was best to listen to it. He knew of what Vince feared; it was the same worry when Tempest had met a certain Rivainian woman. The demon didn’t have much to worry on it though. It was true that Tempest pushed Raid away numerous of times, and over the same reason. He could not allow her to be too close to him, if he wanted her protected from himself. Tempest was cursed, dangerous and the demon had the potential in making him become unpredictable. He swore to it already, and aimed to keep his word.

But she would remain in his thoughts for a while, and probably even longer for when he went off into battle to vent. Clearly, when Vince needed an outlet—and something that he and Tempest could equally relate on doing—violence was the answer. He needed a war. He needed to either send his men back to the Isles, or drag them into the battle that he was about head straight into.

He was debating on this when suddenly a stream of an odorous liquid spewed down from the sky. It landed directly onto him; soaking his leather jacket. The smell was foul and rotten, seeping into every loose crevice of his clothing from the high end, towards the back of his collar and down his neck. Oh, how he shuddered and writhed from the chill and the stench! A man nearby saw the sight and his comment was almost as shocked and disgusted as Tempest felt.

“Bloody Hell!” He yelped and looked at his arms sloshing to the sides as he looked at the coat. “This…This is pureblooded wyvern leather! Straight from the Vimmark Mountains of Chateau Haine! Do you know how many of those I had to kill to have this coat made, you---?!”

He looked above himself towards the window of the tavern and found Raid looking down on him with her illness still pale due to a possible hangover. His annoyance melted away and was replaced soon with guilt. It wasn’t her fault that she was sick. It wasn’t her fault that she even had a hang-over. Anyone in her condition would have drank as much as she did.

“—Heh… I guess this makes us even, does it?” He asked while the venom in his tone evaporated. Looking away in shame, he lowered is arms and cringed from the “squish” sound that his sleeves made. “Listen, last night… I was a horse’s ass… Anything Vince has done to hurt you or scare you, I take full responsibility. And I also apologize for how I left. Had I, later, thought that it mattered to say anything, or done something different, I would have but… Well, I can’t change what’s been done—what I've done.”

He paused and looked down to his boots then. “I suppose now, I will go look for the nearest bath and figure out how to wash this off. I'm needed at the front lines for the fight against the Free Marches' King, so… You know… That’s where I'll be. Just so you'll know. But I promise I’ll be back.”

He had to add that promise in there, to reassure her. Judging from the way she reacted when Raid first saw him in the tavern, Tempest was sure he nearly gave her a heart attack….or caused a possible stroke. He rarely ever showed his face again around others after they had seen him fake his death – and in truth, that was not something easily done or done often. So, he didn’t know how she would cope or react to him. Though, from now on, he would be sure not to strain the health of those he cared about. Even considering the thought that he had people that he “cared about" was an uneasy revelation in itself. He didn’t have friends. He had chess pieces. Though, when it came to Raid, he was not sure what to do with her or where to even place her. She already declared herself as family, and Tempest accepted this. But a family—a real family was not something he was used to. Tempest was a loner, a wanderer and he was plenty of things that if Raid found out, she would have felt ashamed and disowned him.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all


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