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Several Weeks Prior:
It had been almost a year since anyone had heard or seen the infamous Giorgia Ricci. Not many questioned her absence considering she had a habit of disappearing when it was convenient. However, several colleagues, business associates, and even employees had begun to wonder if she was ever going to return. All her demands had been sent via email or text to a hired assistant who would then make sure her wishes were granted. Otherwise, Gia had been avoiding her human life as much as possible, taking some much-needed time to rediscover herself and rebuild her mental state. The 'change' had caused her to act peculiar around those who knew her well, and distance herself from anyone else who tried to get too close. She was afraid of the outcome of what she had become, worried she could potentially hurt someone or destroy herself in the process of trying to survive. It was the reason she had to give up her only daughter to a regular human family, hoping that she could finally have the opportunity at a normal life. As much as it hurt Gia, she knew Amina deserved the best, and it seemed that Gia couldn't give her safety or protection with a monster living inside.
At first her and Eridanus didn't agree on anything, and surely did not have the same view of the world, but now they were working together to achieve common similar goals. Eridanus wanted to rule and dominate the world like most extraterrestrial beings, while Gia wished to rule over the city of New York and remain in power for as long as possible. Somewhere along the way they had realized they weren't so different after all, even though they were two completely different species from two very different planets. Although Gia was somewhat fearful of her inner entity, she knew as long as she allowed Eridanus to fulfill its own desires, she would be considered useful. A part of her worried that Eridanus would eventually choose a different host, possibly destroying Gia's human form in the process. She didn't have time to sit and wait to see what its plan was for them, instead she made the necessary steps toward finding answers while appeasing the foreign being within. That was when she decided not only to leave her loved ones in better hands, but to create a team she could trust and use to access otherworldly secrets. This team would accompany her on a worldwide expedition on the search for mystical items that have found their way onto earth. Gia knew she was one of the few who could pull it off and using her extraterrestrial abilities would definitely benefit the mission.
It would be another entire year before they would return home. After a long exhausting prosperous year of traveling, Gia and her team finally returned to their city. She never thought she could ever miss her city and company as much as she currently did, but the time away had proven to be beneficial in many ways. Although she was slightly worried about what she was returning to considering she left it in the hands of her assistant and staff, she was hopeful for new change and new opportunities for herself and business. The ride on the way to UFOria Inc. gave her time to prepare herself for all the bombarding questions, and overly curious employees that would be watching her every move now that she was finally coming back. She texted her assistant to meet her in the front lobby in a few minutes, letting her know to also be ready to catch her up and alert her most trusted colleagues of her arrival. "Drop me off in the front. I will meet you guys in the lab as soon as possible. There are a few things I need to do before I can join you." She turned to glance back at the huge trailer being hauled by their vehicle. "Take care of it. I am trusting you guys to get everything inside without being noticed." They all gave her a nod of reassurance, knowing that she would rip off their heads if anything went wrong. "Make sure you feed it. I am sure it's hungry...." She looked down at her bloody bandaged hand that had paid the price for capturing such an alluring creature. "The journey has been long." She looked back up to see her company's shimmering building in sight, one of her many homes and places of solace within the city. "About time."
She exited from the vehicle in one swift motion, making sure not to bring too much attention to herself although she knew that was inevitable. The transport van drove to the side of the building to be let inside and underneath the building into the private lab. Gia couldn't risk anyone possibly seeing what they were bringing back to New York, especially not when her company was already being watched for illegal activity. The last thing she needed was someone getting involved and making her have to take them out permanently to keep her secret safe. As she entered the front lobby the smell of fresh printer paper hit her directly and the sound of idle chatter brought her back to reality. Jessica, her overly eager assistant, was patiently waiting by the front desk with a fresh coffee for her boss. "Good to see you again, Miss Ricci. I am sure you have a lot of questions." She handed over the coffee which caused her to take notice of the bloody bandages. ".... Oh my god you're hand." Her eyes immediately darted down to Gia's injured limb, her disgust and shock showing clearly on her face. "Yeah, I haven't had time to get that fixed." Her wound wasn't healing like it usually did, and honestly it felt like an honor to have only gotten bitten and lived. "I'm fine, I'm sure. Please update me on everything while we walk to the lab entrance." She didn't have time for explanations or petty small talk. She needed to get downstairs as quickly as possible without being bothered any longer.
"Yes, of course." Jessica followed along and started to take notes, trying her best to keep up as Gia hurried down the halls. "I need you to contact all my closest business partners. The few who matter and schedule some meetings for my comeback. I have a lot to tell them of my findings." Jessica made a face at the last part, not quite sure what she was referring to at the moment. "Anything else?" Gia paused before turning her direct attention to Jessica. "I need you to be very discreet. Delete these invitations and messages as soon it's confirmed they have been sent." She raised an eyebrow as she gave her assistant a stern look before taking her clipboard to write down a few things by hand. "We need to cover our trail. Here are all the names of the people I need you to contact. Let them know I have something new to show them." She didn't have any better way of explaining; all she knew is she needed her business associates to be ready. "Also......contact every cryptozoologist you can find. I need a specialist to be a part of my staff." She finished writing a list of names, along with some notes for Jessica to strictly follow. "I will try to get back to you tonight, if not we can discuss this in the morning." She handed back the clipboard then stood so she could watch her leave. "Alright. Good luck with unpacking and settling in. I will be in the office until you need me." She gave a quick nod before heading back in the direction they had come so she could begin on Gia's demands. Once Jessica was out of sight Gia used her special code to enter the elevator that led down into the lab. She figured her team was weary and tired from their recent escapades, and they could probably use some assistance with the new member of UFOria Inc.
It would take hours to calm the terrified frightened monster as it was moved into its new cell. Gia had done most of the work by herself out of consideration for her completely human team. Although the giant cryptid had already gotten a bite out of her hand during the capture, she knew she needed to get close in order to get into its head and control its mind. After it finally settled down and began nibbling on some of the food they had slipped into the enclosure, Gia and one of her scientists began documenting its physical features. "Somewhat humanoid figure, batlike wings, extremely large red eyes, a mixture of fur and possibly feathers. It's hard to tell from this distance." The young scientist tried to keep his composure as he spoke aloud and stared at the beast. While he seemed fearful, Gia was infatuated with her new pet, watching it's every move with awe and excitement like a kid in a candy store. "There seems to be some kind of growth on its back, causing the animal to struggle in movement..." Gia narrowed her eyes as she tried to get into its mind but was having trouble with all the other presences in the room. "Open the door. I need to get a closer look." She figured this could be a good time to make another attempt while also assisting in identifying the schmutz on its backside. "Are you sure? We don't know what it's capable of...." The young scientist, whose name was escaping her at the moment, seemed reluctant to get too close to the creature. However, Gia knew it was necessary for multiple reasons and she didn't have time to spare building the confidence. "Just open the door and stand back. I will handle this. Document it's reaction while I get a closer look at the possible infection."
She grabbed a clipboard and a pen, waiting by the entrance to the enclosure watching the creature get ready to walk out. The young male scientist pressed the button to open the doors then continued documenting details that were being recorded for future use. "A hybrid. Possibly from another planet. Unknown species. Alias is known as 'Mothman', origin unclear." He took a step back as the creature slowly crawled out from the enclosure toward Gia who stood with her clipboard writing a few notes nonchalantly before looking up at the 'Mothman' creature. "Mothman with a cordyceps infection." She looked over the backside as it approached her, closing the space between them til it cowered over her small frame. "And a pretty bad one at that." She took the opportunity to stare into its eyes and connect their minds now that they were face to face. She could sense its confusion and fear, and the loneliness it's felt on this planet. Eridanus knew that Gia's human side felt the same way and used those feelings to connect more easily. 'We are both alone. But not anymore.' She could envision all the humans that would run from the curious creature any time it tried to get close to them. Eridanus sent back images of Gia having to get rid of her child in order to keep her safe from herself, showing that they were both considered monsters that had to remain away from most. 'I can help you. I can heal you.' The creature blinked its big red eyes before making an unusual purring sound toward Gia. "His new name will be Pluto." She smiled smugly as she now had control over the infamous 'Mothman' now known as Pluto the pet.

The rendition room lounge was a lovely place to meet someone to discuss business, renowned for its sophisticated decor and patrons. The dim lights and soft music gave the atmosphere a calming feeling, not to mention there was an endless supply of liquor and entertainment. Giorgia had personally selected the location for her face-to-face meeting with a young, recommended cryptozoologist whom she was hoping to hire. She needed to meet him directly and test his knowledge on animals and creatures of the unknown. Someone like him could help her take care of her newest pet, and possibly teach her a few things if he was willing to be open minded. She had heard from some of her team that he was one of the few that believed in life on other planets. His findings, studies, and publishing had Gia hopeful that he could be an ideal addition to her team.
As she impatiently waited for his arrival, she began texting her dear friend whom she was supposed to be meeting after the interview. She was starting to become worried that he might flake or cancel considering he hadn't replied to her for a few days. They had agreed to meet since she was in the area, allowing her to schedule multiple meetings while she was visiting California. It had been convenient that the cryptozoologist lived in Pasadena, only a drive away from where her next meeting was going to be taking place. 'Sent the directions and the address. Hope to see you soon.' She added a bunch of teddy bear emojis and hearts hoping it would spark a response. If she could be patient, she knew this would be a profitable meeting for the both of them. Bo was going to provide Giorgia with her own supply of Xeno-Zip, giving her the ability to begin selling it in her city of New York and elevating her status. Eridanus hoped that it could replicate something similar using its own DNA but hadn't quite mastered it yet and figured having the drug would help it figure out the formula. There would be many benefits to Gia having the drug in her possession, but if Bo didn't show up then she would be unable to obtain any for herself. "I swear, Bo. You stress me out sometimes." She said aloud before shoving her phone back into her clutch so it wouldn't be a distraction. He wasn't usual one for not responding or making her wait, but she also knew he was a very busy bear.
Just as she did this her guest arrived and walked over to where she was currently sitting. "Giorgia Ricci?" He gave her a subtle wave unsure that a beautiful woman like herself could be interested in his work. "Yes....Ken Gerhard, I presume?" She tried to fix her face and hide her frustration, bringing her attention back to the present moment. "Please have a seat. I would love to chat with you." He sat in one of the lounge chairs across from her then began looking around to take in their surroundings. "This is a fancy place." Gia's eyebrows furrowed as she slowly realized he was making unnecessary small talk. "Yes, it is. I chose it myself for our meeting." A waitress came over to politely interrupt and get his drink order before darting away. "So..." Gia moved to the end of her seat and leaned forward so she didn't have to speak too loudly. "I would love to know more about your passion." Before she could trust him, she needed to see if he was serious or just another overprivileged space lover. "Well..." He paused to accept his drink then continued after she walked away to assist other customers. "I spent most of my years learning basic science and studying Astro psychics, but my interests changed once my eyes were opened to other realms and beings." His answer made Gia feel like she was normal, and he was the weird one, but it also gave her hope that he wouldn't freak out or attempt to harm her precious 'Mothman'.
"And what about your controversial publishing's? Tell me more about those. Other life here on earth. The creatures amongst us. The Terrifying Tale of West Virginia’s Legendary Specter: The Mothman...." She listed a few to show that she had done her research on him. "I get a sense that you are more than just a scientist. A believer, a pioneer." He made a face that showed he was enjoying the compliments and was even somewhat surprised that she knew so much about his work. "Let's just say I have seen some things that would make you believe....." Gia tried to play dumb and seem like she had no idea what he could be referencing to with his statement. "Hm. Like what? If you don't mind me asking. I am very curious to know why you feel this way." As he spoke, she was prodding his mind to be sure he was being honest, using her telepathic abilities to get deep inside his head.
"A long time ago, me and a few coworkers decided to go 'alien hunting'." He laughed then downed his drink as if the memory was already triggering him. "We found more than we expected. And in the end, I lost two friends because of it......" He set his glass down and stared into space as he remembered his past-experience. Gia could see the images in his mind that proved he was legitimate; he was one of the few to come in contact with extraterrestrial life. "After I published my theories, I lost my job, and no one will hire me because they think I'm a quack." He shook his head and let out a deep sigh. "There are organisms we haven't found yet. It probably speaks to the fact that the earth is a vast place with many types of habitats." He leaned forward as he continued. "And it's possible we haven't explored them all completely yet."
That was exactly what she needed to hear, but there was one more test to be sure. It would possibly cost him his life if he reacted poorly, but if he took this position to be a part of her team it could lead to endless possibilities. "Well, I am impressed, and I am sorry about your friends." She reached out to touch his knee, sending a calming euphoric feeling over him. "There is a second part to this interview." She pulled out a card with her company's logo posted on the front, the back had an address to a warehouse nearby. "Tonight, I need you to meet me here at this location." She reached into her clutch to pull out an envelope, handing it over to him so he could look inside. "What's this...Oh." His eyes widened at wad of cash that was shoved into the envelope. "That's only part of what you will be paid if you come work for me. There are a lot of opportunities waiting for you..." She stood up and held out her hand so he could shake it, needing to end their interview so she could tend to other business. "I hope to see you soon. I promise to make this worth your time." He grabbed her hand and shook it with a smile before putting the card in his pocket. "Thank you for the opportunity, Giorgia." She winced as he said her full name. "Just Gia, please." He laughed and gave a nod. "Gia, lovely. I will be seeing you tonight."
He gave her a quick small salute before leaving the lounge to join the rest of the world. Gia plopped back into her chair and dug into her clutch to retrieve her phone. There was still no response, no calls from her partner, and he hadn't even read her message yet. "This son of a bitch better not f*** me over." She dialed his number angrily then listened as it rang til the voicemail picked up. "Bo, you better be on your way to the warehouse, or I swear!!!" She hung up before her anger would make her say anything irrational, then quickly got up and headed out to her limo to head to the warehouse herself. "I need to check on Pluto anyway. My poor baby is probably homesick by now." In exchange for Bo bringing her the Xeno-Zip she had figured she could show him her new pet. Bringing the 'Mothman' on her trip to California hadn't been easy but she knew it was necessary to gain leverage in their business agreement. Now she was beginning to think he had gotten her hopes up for nothing, making promises he never planned on keeping. If not, then he would be on his way to the rented warehouse to drop off her portion of the Xeno-Zip and get a full up-close view of the captured 'Mothman' whom she now controlled. 'Heading to the warehouse. Call me asap.' She sent one last text after trying to call a few more times, hoping he would follow through and show up regardless of his silence.


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