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January 13, 2022


01/13/2022 09:47 PM 

Rules for A Bitter Wind

Welcome to A Bitter Wind!

This is an Edwardian era RPG set in the year 1906.  This is the dawn of the Twentieth Century and the world is in transition into a new century.  Political unrest and various forces are working to undermine society as it was known in order to seize power and world dominance.   Will you be Friend or Foe?

There are a few rules to follow.

Everyone here will be at least 18 or over OOC.  

You don't have to have a ship within the group, but if you do keep all romantic roleplaying private.

This group will not tolerate any underage sexual activity among members even if the writers are consenting adults.  Characters under the age of 18 regardless of gender will never be engaged in sexual activity with anyone over the age of 18.   If this is discovered going on, you will be banned immediately from this RPG. This is a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY.

Created characters, characters from literature and figures from history are welcome.   Vampires are welcome but they cannot be TVD, SPN, or Buffy Style.

There will be a discord server for the group.  There will be NSFW Areas but if it gets out of hand, you will be given a warning.   Three strikes and you are out.  

Hiatuses and LoA will be permitted.  Real life will always come first no matter what.

Activity levels are very tolerable.  You must log into your profile on site at least 2x a week.   You need to reply to the group storyline on site once a month.  You are required to have at least one 1x1 going with someone.   Ideally, it is preferred to have that with a member of the group.  However it is permitted to have that 1x1 with someone outside the group as well.   Both will count equally.  

The profile you use for this group cannot be used for another.  It is a courtesy that I must insist.

This is a LGBTQ+ safe zone. There will also be no discrimination on basis of skin color either.

There will only be a two profile limit per writer.   The rules for the second profile will be determined at a later date.

These rules are subject to updates.  It will be announced when changes are made.

Please sign below with your understanding.   If you intend to audition for a specific character please mention that here.  If you are going to create a character, then mention that here.   

  Proceed to the Audition Form


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