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A Bitter Wind - premise

A Bitter Wind

The year is 1906.   It is the dawn of the twentieth century.  The landscape of Europe is marked by the rise of The Industrial Revolution.  The English Monarchy, once the bedrock of Europe as well as the British Empire, has been reeling from the death of Queen Victoria in 1901.  Her son Edward has risen to try and bring stability for the past five years.

Across the European continent, various grandchildren of the Queen have ascended to different thrones.   Minor squabbles between the cousins and the peoples of  their regions threaten to upset the balance of power as it is essentially up for grabs to anyone who wants it.

In the United States, it is a time referred to as the Gilded Age.  Having just escaped the carnage of the Civil War, the Americans are moving west.   The Transcontinental Railroad has brought both East and West together now allowing for the Industrial Revolution to take a firm hold in this former British Colony.   

Americans continue to develop their isolationist policies while opening their doors at Ellis Island.   The influx of European immigrants has brought with it a varying degree of social issues including living in squalor in Ethnic neighborhoods.  President Theodore Roosevelt came from New York after having been recognized as a social justice warrior to improve the areas.

This era sees the rise of names like Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, Carnegie and JP Morgan. Monopolies are forming while the gap between rich and poor continues to rise.   Smaller factions like anarchists and unions begin to take root in this land where Europe's problems are their own.  America first is the motto of the day as the rich get richer and the poor just simply die.

Small groups meet in America in secret and network with home bases in Europe.  Names like The Titanic and The Lusitania are set to be markers of the future disaster and hallmarks of the chaos that will erupt into a Great War.


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