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01/13/2022 07:33 PM 

New Years Resolution 2022

Gravesite: This year is going to be the year. For the first time since the incident, since Star had come home, since her world came crashing down. She was going to muster up the courage and finally visit the place where her parents rested. Maybe, just maybe, it will give her the closure that she needs to stop being bitter. Maybe it'll help ease the pain that she harbors inside of her.

Iceskating: Star would love nothing more than to lace up and feel the air as she glided over the solid ice. The problem, she has no idea how to. Before the winter is over, she'd like to learn. At least enough to not fall onto her ass.

Kickboxing/Self Defence: Somethng Star had always planned to do, even before returning to Halifax, was learning self-defense. In one way or another, she was bound and determined to be able to protect herself. There was no telling the kind of people she was going to come around, especially in the Emergency Department. 

Movie Marathon: There is this overwhelming urge to just lay on the couch and do next to nothing but binge-watching every Marvel movie for an entire weekend. Lots of good snacks and a comfy couch, nothing sounds better.

Betty Crocker in Training: Starlee has been hell-bent on learning how to make her own food, from scratch. She survives on a diet that consists mostly of boxed mac and cheese, french fries, and delivery. She'd love to be able to fend for herself every once in a while, even if it is just something simple. She will learn and cook her way through a cookbook and treat all her fellow residents at the hospital with fresh baked goods. That's a promise. 


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