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01/13/2022 07:50 PM 

spicy prompts

hi, yes hello! welcome to my spicy prompts. due to the site being very strict with mature writing - i've decided to post a link to each prompt which will be on tumblr. i really don't want to get banned for having a good time writing something fun. 

each prompt will have a quote or one word prompt attached - dont ask me what happens when i write. if the quote isnt in the prompt - i dunno man. im just a spicy writer who drinks way too much coffee. along with that, each prompt will come with a spicy rating 🌶. this will tell you just how ns/fw a prompt is! 


1. do you like it when they watch?
🌶 scale: 🌶🌶/5
2. i'm going to f***ing ruin you

🌶 scale: 🌶🌶🌶/5


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