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[Utopian Nightmare] Post #1

Utopian Nightmare
"Maybe you haven't noticed, but my emotions are dangerous. I can't afford to feel anything."

YEAR: 2036

”LIVE! From the California State Prison! I’m Janet Williams and CCTV is bringing you the most talked about event of the season!

The blonde reporter in the center of the screen smiled widely into the camera, a microphone held beneath her mouth as she addressed the world. The spectacle was an unprecedented event on so many levels, but no one seemed to bat an eye as the teenage boy was walked out with shackles on his wrists and ankles. He was solemn with his head dipped down, refusing to look in the direction of the news camera or the guards escorting him to a chair in the center of the room. With hands coming down to his petite shoulders, the guards shoved him down into the chair, working to secure the straps on his arms to prevent him from escaping his own fate.

The woman stepped out of view of the camera, her voice overhead through the microphone as the cameraman panned into the boy restrained to the chair. He’d finally lifted his head as they tightened the leather strap around his forehead, pressing it firmly to the headrest of the chair to reveal a set of frightened eyes filled with tears. His gaze darted from one guard to the next as they finished restraining him and all at once the dam broke and hot tears spilled over his cheeks.

“Isn’t this riveting? Fourteen year-old Bradley Martin has been sentenced to death for petit larceny in the state of California. You’ll get to see it here first and I promise you won’t want to miss this.”

The camera quickly panned to the crowd of people seated beyond the glass barrier, all watching intently as the terrified boy was bustled around by a woman dressed in white from head to toe, including the surgical mask that covered her face. She worked alongside a nurse that seemed to inspect the boy as they both prepared the injection that would take his life.

“Here we go! The moment of truth. And let this be a lesson to anyone else that thinks stealing from the Pacific French Bakery will be tolerated.”

The focus pressed in on the boy’s face and despite the fact that the camera couldn’t pick up any audio besides the reporter’s voice, the audience could see his mouth moving as he begged to be spared. Round eyes jumped between the two medical personnel administering the lethal injection, his cries falling on deaf ears as they moved methodically to do their work. Slowly his frantic spirit faded as his body relaxed, the camera panning back to the blonde reporter who’s smile stretched from ear to ear across her face.

“And there you have it. Justice has been served. I’m Janet Williams and you’re watching CCTV.”

The screen cut off in Rachel’s small apartment, a pale hand still holding the remote with her finger pressed into the power button. Her face reflected her usual stony exterior, but the turmoil that crashed within her mind was practically leaping to escape. It was hard for her to imagine that someone would be so chipper over something so awful. And to disguise it as justice? This was never the justice she’d fought for her whole life. As much as the woman’s time with the Titans had come to a halt years ago, she still worked to actively make sure that the world was a better place, albeit from the shadows.

This was not a world she ever wanted to see.

At first the changes came slowly. It all felt like it would be for the greater good to inflict harsher punishments for crimes across the nation in hopes of discouraging wrong-doers, but this was too far. She remembered seeing the headlines everywhere only a few weeks prior. The teenager stole a lousy loaf of bread for his starving family and in three short weeks he was condemned to death for something that should have been a slap on the wrist. Or at least that’s what it would have been fifteen years ago. Now nothing was right, but what could Rachel even do about it? She was but one half-demon alone in the world. She hadn’t even seen most of the Titans in ten years.

There were certainly clues to her whereabouts, though she was selective as to who received them. There were far too many of her heroic friends that followed the letter of the law and the ex-Titan didn’t feel they should be trusted anymore. The only person that had been reassured that Rachel was alive and well was Tim. On the first of every month, she took her trip to Smallville where she knew he resided. There she left a single amethyst feather within his interior coat pocket where only he would find it. He’d know it was her and he would respect that she didn’t want to be found. That much she trusted. If there was anyone in the world that would be able to figure out her whereabouts, it would be Timothy Drake-Wayne.

Violet hair hung over her face as she simply stared at the tv from her seat on the couch, her legs folded beneath her and a steely gaze unmoving. The world had fallen into a totalitarian state and there wasn’t a single thing she could do about it.
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