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01/13/2022 01:56 PM 

ABC headcanons

When Odette lived in the Ivory Castle, she made a daily vow: to read as many books in the castle as possible. Her favorites were hidden in random places and only accessible with her crayon design specialized Map. She hid them so her father wouldn't take them away.

『HC- C̶R̶Y̶』
While in captivity, Odette's tears were once used for a spell. The spell was so devastating it left an eternal scar through the soil of several kingdoms. The scaly-faced man wanted everyone to know he had left his mark on the world. There isn't a day that goes by that Odette recalls this day and refuses to shed a tear.
『HC- H』
『HC- I』
『HC- J』
『HC- K』
『HC- L』
『HC- M』
『HC- N』
『HC- O』
『HC- P』
『HC- Q』
『HC- R』
『HC- S』
『HC- T』
『HC- U』
『HC- V』
『HC- W』
『HC- X』
『HC- Y』
『HC- Z』


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