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12/01/2021 04:43 PM 

How Do I Live Drabble

Paris, France
December 1, 2021

Cafè de France

17:25 P.M.

Dawn has been adjusting to her life in Paris becoming Dove (again) and part-time Ballet Instructor to children in the Ballet School for Children. She is sitting outside with her coffee on the table and a couple of macaroons. The former hero breathes out trying to take things easy on her day off unless some petty crook wants to start in the mid-evening. Dawn holds her coffee by the handle and takes a few sips to stay warm knowing December in Paris will be cold, freezing soon. 

Songs are playing both inside and outside of the cafe all in French of course. A song starts to play with the instrumental part coming in softly. 

The blonde woman's ears slightly perked up hearing the song. It felt like someone shot her through the heart and put her coffee down. Tears started to rim around her eyes as she hears the opening lyrics, a song she knew all too well.

How do I...
Get through one night without you
If I ever had to live without you
What kind of life would that be?
I need you in my arms, need you in my arms to hold

Dawn understood the lyrics, it was by LeAnn Rimes, and the last time she heard this song is about two years ago with Hank. 

Flashback 2 years ago...

Washington, D.C.
Hank & Dawn's apartment

The couple laying on the couch with Dawn sitting between his legs. She was reading a book and he was watching NFL Football Pitsburg Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens. 

The former Ballerina felt his hand gently combing through her hair knowing it was one is many favorite things about Dawn, having a long beautiful blonde long for an angel like herself. She puts her right hand on his right knee softly patting it.

In truth, the two were always at peace with each other when they were together sure they both came from different upbringings and worlds, but through shared trauma and chemistry that one night changed everything. They became Hank and Dawn, Hawk & Dove. A couple. Birds of a Feather.

The former College Quarterback lowers the volume with the remote and looks down at his girlfriend, "How would you live if I were gone?" asking a question being completely out of character.

She jerked her head with a confused look on her face. Dawn quickly puts a bookmark in her place then sits up shifting her whole body to face him, "What?" The blonde asks with a dry faint laugh not knowing how to react. "Why would you ask something like that?" Dawn asked wanting to know.

I was listening to a song and the lyrics spoke to me," He spoke the truth as he grabs his phone from the small table next to the couch. Hank unlocks his phone and goes on the YouTube App going to history record and uses his thumb to press on a song, "Just listen to the song." He said being sincere. 

The instrumental part comes in softly with a melody followed by the lyrics...

How do I...
Get through one night without you
If I ever had to live without you
What kind of life would that be?
I need you in my arms, need you in my arms to hold

The pair listen to the song with Dawn holding his hands to her own and listening to every word. She felt every word meant everything as if it was melting in her heart. A few minutes later the song ended with the former Ballerina having tears falling from her eyes.

"It's by LeAnn Rimes. I was randomly out of nowhere; I was about to change it until I listen to the words, lyrics." Hank stated a fact as he paused for a second. "It just got me thinking, How would you live if I were gone?" He asked wanting to know.

The blonde moment had to think with her eyes down at his hands and gently squeezing his hands. She lifts her head up to face his green eyes she fell in love with, "I... I would be numb. I wouldn't know what to do if something would happen to you." Dawn spoke in a shaky tone of voice while clearing her throat and felt Hank's hand wiping her tears away. "How would you live if I were gone?" She asks the same question.

A chill went up to his spine with fear set into his eyes and stiffing up a little bit, "If anything would happen to you; I wouldn't want to live anymore. I would probably stop being Hawk, go find some jackass to beat up, getting back to drugs, drinking, and pray to god that I don't wake up so I can be reunited with you." Hank answered as he poured his heart out to the love of his life. "I can't imagine losing you, Dawn. Losing my mother than losing Donny almost killed me. But that day you were thrown off our apartment complex and when you went into a coma... I thought my world was going to be over." The former Quarterback replied being honest with tears falling from his eyes. 

Dawn puts a hand to his face and wipes his tears in return and leans forward to kiss him. Hank closed his eyes as he felt her lips against his and put a hand to the back of her neck. The two shared a tender moment and pulled away.

"I love you Hank; always." The blonde woman stated the truth.

"I love you too, Dawn, always," Hank spoke the truth.

Flashback Ends

She a hand over her mouth to control herself from breaking down in tears. Dawn's been having therapy since she killed Hank and knowing the guilt had never gone away. The blonde woman had to rebuild herself getting away from Gotham, the city she killed him at Wayne Manor. Flew across the country to be with her family in order to heal and be reunited with her sister Holly who she gave Hank's Hawk suit to. Dawn tries to compose herself before people around her start asking her, 'If she was okay?' even though she wasn't.

"How do I live without you, Hank? How?" She asked underneath her breath and shrugged her shoulders lightly.

End Scene



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