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11/27/2021 08:34 PM 

Drabble reply for Brilliantly Scary

George’s eyebrows furrowed together as he looked Hermione over as she said she’d be fine alone for a few hours since he was going out to have dinner with his children and ex-wife.  “I just want to make sure you are absolutely sure you're fine for a few hours” George said gently. He kissed her back, sighing softly as she ran a hand through his hair. She said it was fine, spending the night alone while reading. He kissed her gently, then left the flat. At the bottom of the steps he met up with Angelina, Fred II and Roxanne.


George was always finding ways to spend time with his children. He wanted to show that even though their parents weren’t together any more, that they could still work together, have a healthy friendship while co-parenting them. It was working out better when Angelina and George were together. Their relationship wasn’t healthy, it was toxic and unfair to the both of them. It had taken four years to realize that. It wasn’t an environment that they wanted to raise their kids in. 


George knew, both him and Angelina had struggled since the war, since losing Fred. Both hoping to hold onto Fred in some way. They thought by being together, it would work. But it didn’t. George wasn’t Fred. He never could be his brother, even if he looked exactly like him. George was his own person, and has his own personality. Angelina only wanted George because of him looking like Fred. After years of struggles, and Mrs. Weasley about their relationship being unhealthy, they both agreed it was better to end it before it got worse. They were better off as friends, managing to co-parent quite well. 


As the night wore on with Angelina and the kids, it was easy now to reimence about Fred without completely breaking down. Sharing stories to the kids about their late uncle and the shenanigans the twins had had the kids roaring with laughter. It felt great to be able to do this. Was this how Hermione and Ron were with Hugo and Rose? George’s mind wandered to Hermione as the table got quiet as they ate their dinner. 


Was Hermione and Ron’s friendship better now that they weren’t together? Was their co-parenting of his niece and nephew going well? Was Hermione even happy with him? HE tried to remind her every day how much he loves her, how grateful to have her and allshe’s done for him. Does she feel the same way about him? Some days he felt guilty for the fact that he was with Hermione. Granted, she wasn’t with Ron any more, but every one had never anticipated George and Hermione to get together as both couples got divorced. Hell, George never anticipated it either.


Their relationship was a healthy one. Sure, they argued and fought, but always managed to make it up to each other afterwards, always working out their problems. Every day George told Hermione how much he loves her. He knew her insecurities got the better of her some days. Some days he wondered if they would have children of their own. Don’t get him wrong, he loves all his children. But sometimes he wondered if Hermione would like to have children with him. He knew he would love to have children one day with her, when she was ready to. And if she wasn’t, then that was fine with him.


A few hours later, supper was winding down. They had dessert and talked about how things were going in both homes. George missed the nights of talking to the kids and reading to them. But having them at the flat made George cherish them and their time even more. After everyone was done, George paid for their meal and they were heading out.


After making sure Angelina and the kids were safely home, George apparaited to the front of his shop. He headed in quietly, unsure if Hermione had dozed from reading in bed. He got to the door, only to hear soft sobs from his room. He was curious but confused as to why he heard her sobbing. “Hermione?” George said quietly as he opened the door. It was dark in their room as he approached the bed. His hand extended to her shoulder, frozen as he heard what she had to say. Eventually her words were cut short as she froze. It looked like fear crossed her face as she realized it was him. Who else would it be? Harry? Oh…. She had called Harry while he was out with Angie and the kids.


“Hermione” George said gently, Hermione dipped her head to avoid eye contact with him. “Hermione, look at me please” HE said in his gentle tone. When she wouldn’t willingly look at him, he used a finger on her chin to make her look at him. “Your feelings aren’t illogical. Or unvalid” He said. “You have every right to feel the way you do” He smiled softly at her. “No matter what the amount of time I spend with Angelina, will never make me go back to her” HE said. “What happened with her and I wasn’t meant to be. It wasn’t a healthy relationship” 


George wrapped his arms around her waist and brought her to his lap. “We have worked so hard for far too long for this relationship. We are here, together, because of how much we fought for it” He kissed her cheek. “Don’t shove down your insecurities. I love everything about you, even those insecurities. I don’t want any one else'' He grabbed his wand and flicked on the light so she could see him. He could see tears trickling down her cheeks, using a thumb he wiped them away.


“I want nobody else. No one can compare to how I feel for you” He hugged her tightly. “No matter what life throws at me, I want no one but you to tackle what’s thrown at me. I will be by your side no matter what. No matter what is thrown at you, I'm here. For the good and the bad, the ugly and beautiful. I love you more than anything Mrs. Hermione soon to be Weasley” He smiled when that got a small laugh from her. He meant every word he said. He’d be here for her, at any moment. He would help squash her insecurities when it comes to him



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