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11/24/2021 08:50 PM 

"Thanks to Killing"
Category: Stories

Having just fed, Nadja was in the greatest of moods. Was it the act of killing? Was it the feel of the blood as it energized her and revitalized her? It was probably all of these things. She didn’t really question it. The hunt, the kill, the bliss of a good feeding was just enough to put a smile on the vampire’s face. She nearly skipped down the quiet streets of the surrounding neighborhoods in Staten Island, the usual documentary humans following her at a distance to observe but not disturb. It was strange, really. Usually, there was someone walking around outside. A sprinkling of people here and there. Not tonight, though. Tonight, it was almost like the whole world stood still. Her brows knitted together, as a scent caught her nostrils, the sounds of laughter meeting her ears. 

Her green eyes shifted to a house to her left, into the big window that was at a dining room. Inside this window, she saw a group of humans together, sitting at a table with all sorts of foods and drinks in front of them. They were laughing, they were talking, they were eating and drinking. She passed that house, to the next, where again, humans sat at a table of food and drink. This group of humans had their hands clasped together, their heads bowed, and she could swear she heard the word ‘god’ which made her insides burn and an uncontrollable hiss escaped her. 

It seemed that every single year, as the weather grew cold, the humans did this sort of feast thing. They called it a ‘holiday’. Something called….. Oh, now what was it called again? She had heard it called Turkey Day. She had thought that was a very silly name for a day of celebrating. Why would anyone celebrate a turkey? Perhaps it was the equivalent of the Superb Owl party? Though, she couldn’t think of why such a silly bird would be celebrated, if not for the fact that it was killed and eaten. This kind of gathering she was witnessing didn’t seem centered around any bird. Although, every house she passed seemed to have a bird to eat on their table.

She didn’t know what it was or why they were doing it. Though she had overheard other humans sharply mention that they didn’t understand celebrating a group of people betraying and stealing from some other group and murdering them. If that were why they were celebrating, she could probably find herself enjoying festivities herself. What did that have to do with the turkey? 

However, the gathering of family she didn’t really relate to. Perhaps this was because her upbringing consisted of her and her family members having to battle and betray one another for survival, and so her sense of family had been distorted most of her days. This wasn’t to say she hadn’t loved her family, but it was definitely a warped affection, not a warm one. Hell, even the relationship she had with her husband was warped in it’s own ways as well. Blame it on their nature, or their pasts, or even because of the number of centuries they had been married. It was definitely wonky at best. She found that something was swelling inside of her. Her brows furrowed and her hand met her stomach. Had that human’s blood upset her system?

Her lips twitched to the side in thought, and her eyes shifted to her right, finally seeing a group of four human people walking on the sidewalk opposite of the side of the street she was on. Her eyes narrowed as a thought hit her. If this holiday was about betraying and stealing and killing, then why the hell did they not celebrate as well? Was Nandor not always yelling the ‘family’ word around in regards to them? Were they not hunters? Predators? They killed. They ate. They tricked and betrayed. They stole. Right? So why was this festivity exclusive only to the human people, and no vampires had even been included? Honestly, why had no vampires thought of this before? She fancied herself a genius, and she giggled in joy to herself. 

She moved so fast to the other side of the street, that human eyes would see her disappearing, only to reappear in front of the four humans she had seen on the other side of the street. “Hello there, you lovely bunch of human people!” She was so cheery, and the faces of the humans showed different expressions chasing each other. There was confusion, but also happiness and welcoming warmth. “Oh….H--Hello there! My goodness you gave us a fright. You just POPPED Out of nowhere!” Said the older woman of the group. None of them were young and fresh, but also, none of them were old and worn. The energy she sensed from them was really actually just right. Nadja smiled so sweetly, her hands clasping together. “So sorry. Uh, where are you heading at this time of night in the cold? I see so many other gatherings with turkey birds and foods stuffed in all kinds of faces, and yet, here you all are. Alone in the dark and walking.”

“Listen, lady,” said the only male in the group. He was at the back left. The vampire’s eyes snapped at him immediately, and they hardened as she anticipated his sh*tty attitude. “You’re a little creepy. And we don’t know you. We’ve never seen you before. So if you’d just get out of here and let us--”

“Ohhhh, Nathan, you stop being like that!” Another of the females chimed in, and the Nathan human rolled his eyes and sighed. 

“Yes, Nathan. Very rude! My, a stranger only wants to say hello and is immediately attacked! How awful of you…” Her hand raised, fingertips gently wiggling in his direction as her hand moved in the slightest circular motion, her eyes intensely focused on him. “You just hush now and relax. I am only a friend.” No she wasn’t. But she had manipulated his thoughts, and she could see it was effective, because his stare had gone blank for that moment and returned to normal. “Hey, do you live around here? Maybe we can hang out?” A total change in Nathan’s behavior caused the women of the party to furrow their brows and look at him. Nadja’s hands turned, palms facing out as she stretched her arms slightly as she smiled in victory. “I do happen to live around here! In fact, I live just a few houses that way!” She pointed behind her. “You are all more than welcome to come with me for the festivities!” Might as well capitalize on the human holiday right?

“I’m not sure. Isn’t Uncle Jay coming from Jersey tomorrow? We might wanna get home an--” Nadja’s hand raised again, this time her focus on the younger female of the group. “Do not worry about Uncle Jay,” she encouraged. And suddenly, the female smiled a bit. “Then again, I think we have just enough time to get to know a neighbor. What do you all say?” The humans all looked at each other and shrugged, nodding. “Lead the way! Um….What was your name, dear?” Asked the older woman of the group. “...Nadja….” the vampire answered sweetly. “Right this way!” And she led them down the street. They followed her like baby ducks following a mother duck. They spoke amongst themselves, the humans who’d had their minds manipulated did all of the work for her when it came to encouraging and hyping up the visit to Nadja’s house, for the ‘festivities’ she had mentioned. She smirked to herself. She hadn’t mentioned what kind of festivities. She had given no information. But it didn’t matter. They were in the palm of her hand. 

Now, they were walking up the sidewalk that led to the vampire residence, and she heard gasps behind her. “I have never noticed this house before...Is that a bunny bush? How perfect it is!” Nadja glanced behind her and smiled. “Oh yes, yes. My husband loves his bush manipulation. You should see the vulvas in the back!” Giggling followed from the woman behind her, and Nadja swung the front door open, leading the humans inside. “Helll-ooooooooh!” She called out melodically. The first being to find her was Guillermo. “Oh, hello Guillermo. Tell the others I have come home with a gift for the holiday.”

“Holiday?” Guillermo was confused as to why Nadja would care about Thanksgiving at all. “Yes, yes, you stupid boy! The feast and the killing and the betrayal and all of that sort of thing. Since you did not fetch us anything to eat, I had to do the work. You can fetch our housemates.”

Guillermo’s eyes found the camera that was behind the humans, who were behind Nadja. His expression showed that he was not at all surprised at this, and also, very irritable with being spoken to the way Nadja spoke to him. 

“This looks like such an old house!” One of the human women extended a hand to touch a lamp. “Do not touch!” Nadja’s voice became firm and raised, scaring the group of humans, but no one really got to say anything further about it, before the vampiric housemates arrived. “I say. What the f*** is this?” Laszlo immediately rang out as he came down the stairs. Nandor was making his way to them as well, his eyes examining the humans behind Nadja as she gave a proud smile. “We are going to celebrate Th---Thannnnnssss-- Thanks----Mn…” None of that sounded right or familiar.

“Thanksgiving…?” One of the humans in the group rang out behind her. She pivoted slightly towards them and raised a hand towards the group. “Thanks to killing!”

“No...It’s Thanksgiv--” And again, she used her mind manipulation to render the human convinced that the proper term was the tem she herself had used. “What is a Thanks….Killing….?” Nandor asked, and the confusion was obvious in his features. 

“Every year the human people gather and celebrate a group of humans betraying and stealing and killing from another group of humans. They sit around this turkey bird on a plate that is dead and cooked, and they seem to enjoy their time together and eat like pigs. So why not us too?”

“That-- That’s not actually….”

SHUT UP GUILLERMO. Are you a**holes going to eat these or not? I swear I try to do something nice for this house and you just all argue and stare and act like stupid selfish little donkeys!”

She could hear the front door creaking open, and her eyes shot back. “Hey! Wait!” Nandor called out, and disappeared past Nadja. Laszlo followed suit. “I’ll take the chap!”

Nadja’s eyes closed, and a smile slowly crept onto her lips. “Happy Thanks to Killing,” she said mostly to herself as she heard the shouts and screams and scuffling behind her. Yet again, she felt some sort of joy in the deep darkness inside of her. She turned around, and she saw trails of blood on the floor, one of the human ladies on the floor, heaving. A scream was heard from another room followed by a thud. 

Guillermo moved beside her. “You do know, this is not what the holiday is, don’t you?” Nadja waved him off. “Shut the f*** up Guillermo, you’re ruining my moment.” She then disappeared to find her fellow vampires, so that she could ‘celebrate’ with them. 



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